Process optimization in oilfield production

Pavilion’s Matt Tormollen, and Halliburton’s Richard Ella, join Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in a conversation about the development of a complete virtual reality simulation model for optimizing oil fields for production.

Halliburton's Landmark Group and Pavilion Technologies have teamed together to produce a real time simulation model of an oilfield, just as Pavilion has long made available for process plants.


Matt Tormollen

Matt Tormollen


Richard Ella

Richard Ella

Landmark will embed Pavilion’s key modeling, control, and optimization technology engine into its DecisionSpace Production solution. The combined technologies will offer operators a dynamic integrated model of oilfield assets for identifying optimal courses of action based on accurate understanding of production potential, using real time data. 

This integrated production operations solution reportedly will create a virtual collaborative environment that will provide total asset awareness, a decision support system enabling management-by-exception, and automated production workflows that orchestrate the collaboration necessary to achieve and sustain production optimization.

Is this the start of a complete virtual reality suite for upstream and downstream process optimization in oil production? Matt Tormollen, from Pavilion, and Richard Ella, from Halliburton, join Editor in Chief Walt Boyes in this audio report for the Process Automation Radio Network.

Podcast Length: 17:38.

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