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Chloride UPS Diagnostics Now Integrated with Emerson Platforms

The Health of the UPS Is Now Visible in the Control Systems and in the Asset Management System

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By Keith Larson, Group Publisher/Vice President of Content

New to the Emerson fold since last year’s Emerson Global Users Exchange is Chloride Industrial Systems, which manufactures custom uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs) used in a broad range of mission-critical systems and processes. Much like with an emergency shutdown system, the hope is that a UPS is never actually needed—which makes ensuring that the UPS is ready when called upon a challenging, but essential task. 

For users of Emerson Process Management control and asset management systems, some aspects of that task have now become easier, with direct integration of Chloride’s UPS diagnostics. "The health of the UPS is now visible in the control systems and in the asset management system," says David Vasselin, director of business development and marketing for Chloride.

Chloride’s full UPS capabilities can be viewed in the Technology Exhibits at Emerson Exchange.