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You Want to Read Our Articles as Soon as They Get Posted on Our Website. This Is Why We Give You the Opportunity to Sign Up for Our RSS Feeds

Remember when the milk man delivered your milk in glass bottles or when the only way to send a short message fast was by telegram? Remember using your hand to turn a knob on the TV to change the channel? Or using the stove and a pot to make popcorn?

I don't remember any of those fun times. I was fortunate (or maybe not so much) to be raised in a more technologically advanced era. Growing accustomed to technology has made me just a bit lazy—I mean dependent on it—and I'm always looking to find newer technology that will make my life easier.

Come on. In today's world we don't read the paper to get informed about what's going on around us. We depend on Twitter, electronic newsletters and viral videos to keep us in the loop. We don't even go online to search for the news. We sign up for Google alerts that automatically deliver the latest news we want to read, based on the subjects we have specified. understands that it is hard to keep track of what your favorite contributor has written, much less the latest news, new products or technical developments. Nevertheless, you are interested in knowing about the latest article, video reports, blog entries or white papers written by Walt Boyes, Béla Lipták, Dan Hebert, Jim Montague or our other contributors.

You want to read our articles as soon as they get posted on our website. This is why we give you the opportunity to sign up for our RSS feeds, and get these items delivered to your inbox as soon as we publish them.

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