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Embedded Workflow, Virtualization Highlight New ArchestrA Release

Tighter Integration Also Featured in ArchestrA System Platform 2012 and Archestra Workflow


By Walt Boyes, Editor-in-Chief

ArchestrA System Platform and ArchestrA Workflow provide the core integration and collaboration platform inside Invensys Operations Management's unique InFusion Enterprise Control System. At OpsManage11 this week in Nashville, Invensys released new versions of both.

"ArchestrA System Platform 2012 is a scalable open platform for the entire spectrum of automation applications," said Rob McGreevy, vice president of platform and applications for Invensys. "Its plant-model-based integrated configuration environment provides a logical representation of the physical processes being controlled and supervised. This enables rapid deployment of component object-based industrial applications, including Wonderware InTouch 2012 and ArchestrA Workflow 2012."

Maryanne Steidinger, director of product marketing for operations and information software, added, "System Platform 2012 improves performance, strengthens security, simplifies installation and increases operator and engineering productivity and efficiency. It makes possible support throughout the entire InFusion ECS for new, high-availability disaster recovery implementations using Windows Server Hyper-V virtualization from Microsoft. In addition, Archestra System Platform 2012 supports all the latest remote desktop services (Windows Remote Desktop Protocols, RDP) that are part of Windows Server 2008 R2."

Manlio Vecciet, director of product management for Windows Server and virtualization at Microsoft, explained, "Many Windows Server Hyper-V customers in manufacturing and processing need to integrate legacy automation, monitoring and reporting systems across different locations. We are pleased that to address this, Invensys Operations Management has created ArchestrA System Platform 2012. By supporting Windows Server Hyper-V capabilities, Invensys is enabling the flexibility and technology its customers need to achieve real-time business optimization."

Invensys ArchestrA Workflow 2012 business process management software enables industrial users to model, execute, analyze and improve work processes inside and outside of their facilities, driving higher levels of collaboration, productivity and innovation. Now fully integrated with Wonderware InTouch 2012, ArchestrA Workflow 2012 allows critical operational workflows to be created, deployed, tracked and assessed to drive greater process consistency and accountability.

"ArchestrA Workflow 2012 is part of our integrated development environment," said McGreevy. "System builders can easily add process workflows to their existing applications and extend those applications to other parts of their organizations. This allows consistent execution of standard practices and helps improve production consistency and driving compliance with regulatory requirements."

Steve Garbrecht, Invensys vice president of software and advanced applications, went on to say, "System Platform allows us to scale from a single instance of Wonderware InTouch 2012 all the way up to a complete Enterprise Control System. We have also done a lot of work with terminal services with an eye to security. Some of the important features we've added include a tag viewer, easier graphics programming and, working with Chevron, we added smart card security. There's enhanced resolution support, cache and window management and thumbnail preview. There are many scripts and animation functions embedded in the platform that Wonderware InTouch and ArchestrA Workflow can access.

"One of the favorite additions is the new integrated Install DVD. Another is the remote application support including Windows 7 and embedded computing support. With terminal services we can run visualization on just about any smart device. Banks and other organizations have long seen the benefit of enforced workflow. ArchestrA Workflow 2012 running on System Platform can be integrated with all of the applications that make up the InFusion Enterprise Control System. We realize we have to show our customers how to use workflow, so we've embedded template workflows like hazmat handling and others in the software."

He added, "OPC-UA gives us the opportunity to interface in a simple, robust and highly secure way with legacy systems and others."

Maryanne Steidinger summarized the system. "ArchestrA System Platform 2012, ArchestrA Workflow 2012 and InTouch 2012 are even more powerful and more tightly integrated than before. We've fully embraced Microsoft Hyper-V technology and RDP, and that shows our true leadership in virtualization. With our customers we've developed enhanced security using smart cards. This empowers the workforce today, while scaling up to a full ArchestrA System Platform-based solution as businesses grow."