Why You Come to ControlGlobal.com

Don't Believe Everything You Read on the Web, But Do Trust Everything You Read Here

By Walt Boyes

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"I know it's true! I read it on the Internet!" Well, no. There is a lot of information on the Internet that is just plain wrong. Unfortunately, some of the information that is very available on the Internet is also very plausible. However, in an engineering discipline, if you aren't careful, you can get seriously burned.

That's where we come in. Both in Control magazine and on www.controlglobal.com, we are editors. That's much more than being spell checkers and grammar queens. We are fact checkers; we are purveyors of knowledge; and we are, fundamentally, the curators of the process automation space.

What's a curator? We think about curators with respect to museum exhibits, not magazines or websites. A curator is a person who is a content expert responsible for acquisition and interpretation of collections of information and material. Here we function quite a bit like a museum curator, but for the process automation space.

We collect information—articles, white papers, product and news announcements, blogs, tweets, special projects, videos, podcasts, ebooks and more—and we present them to you in an easily available format, sorted, edited, curated for your use. Sometimes we find this information, and sometimes we commission new works.

We can do this because we have put together a group of subject matter experts to work on our collections, people like Greg McMillan, Stan Weiner, Béla Lipták, Joe Weiss, John Rezabek, Dan Hebert, Jim Montague, Nancy Bartels, Katherine Bonfante, a host of other end users and knowledgeable vendors, and finally, your humble servant.

The difference between what you can find on Google (about 45 million results for "process automation") and what you can find on ControlGlobal.com and in Control magazine is the value we bring to you—actionable information that you can use and that you can trust.

We aren't just passive accumulators of information. We go out and find what you need to know. We broke the Stuxnet story back in 2010 and have followed it all the way. We have curated a large body of material on cybersecurity. We followed the wireless standards imbroglio to try to keep you from being confused and we did it from the inside, by actively participating in the standards process.

We provide deep content on field devices, networks, wireless, final control elements, controllers and control systems, and we do it in a way you can trust.

Blog Posts You Might Have Missed

Among the real stars of ControlGlobal.com are some of our most popular bloggers, Greg McMillan and Joe Weiss. Greg not only is half of the ControlTalk team and occasional feature writer, but the brains behind the Control Talk blog (not to be confused with the monthly column of the same name), which covers modeling and control.

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