Reader Feedback: Where Will APC Be 25 Years from Now?

A Reader Finds it Very Interesting How the Idea of Process Optimization Began

By Valerie Schwein

I read your article "Process Optimization Gains Industrial Strength," (October 2014). I found it interesting how the idea of process optimization began with a multiple-loop control for continuous problem identification and correction. This idea is the basis for many important topics today. Chemical engineers, for example, use control systems that regulate pressure regardless of the input value. The system keeps the pressure at the desired value, while adjusting variable values that will deter the output value being desired.

Advanced process control (APC) implementations were stated to "remain incredibly hard." However, oil refineries among other companies, have made APC applications more common. Businesses today use knowledge and understanding to contribute to corporate objectives. As technology continues to thrive, it will be interesting to see APC over the next 25 years.

Valerie Schwein
New York University

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