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New Emerson blog focuses on top quartile performance

The process industries are pressured to maintain and improve profitability even when times are most challenging

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"This is not the time to be satisfied with being as good as everyone else," said Steve Sonnenberg, president of Emerson Process Management in his Monday keynote address to the Emerson Global Users Exchange. Sonnenberg stressed the growing pressure across the process industries to maintain and improve profitability—even in these most challenging of times.

Emex15 EmersontopquartileIndeed, Emerson is committed to helping its users accomplish their goals through continuous improvement along the key dimensions of energy efficiency, safety and reliability. But becoming a true "top quartile" performer often requires more than just incremental steps, Sonnenberg said. "[Executives tell me] they feel a real need to make dramatic improvements. It's not just change, it's transformation."

To help its users identify those opportunities for both continuous improvement and fundamental transformation that can boost them into the ranks of the top quartile, Emerson launched this week a new blog and website at EmersonTopQuartile.com. A growing compilation of provocative thought leadership posts on topics ranging from industry's inexplicable acceptance of project underperformance to deriving real business value from the industrial Internet of Things, the site is intended to spark conversation among technical specialists and business decision-makers about what is truly possible, urging them to question the status quo in pursuit of dramatic performance improvement.

Visit EmersonTopQuartile.com to learn more.


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