Pressure transmitters meet new challenges

Pressure transmitters and their related components are rising to meet new challenges.

CG1503 RU endresshauserDp without lines and tubes

Deltabar FMD71 level transmitter uses two pressure sensor modules—hydrostatic and head pressure—connected electronically to one transmitter. Using a Ceraphire ceramic sensor, the transmitter calculates differential pressure (DP) from both sensors, and transmits level, volume or mass via 4-20 mA with HART, eliminating DP measurement problems caused by impulse lines or capillaries.
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CG1503 RU crystal engineeringCalibrator combines features

HPC40 Series handheld pressure calibrator is compact and offers deadweight tester accuracy, active temperature compensation and a non-menu interface. It delivers laboratory accuracy onsite and calibrates pressures from vacuum to 15,000 psi with an accuracy of 0.035% of reading for all ranges. HPC40 is the first mA loop calibrator that’s fully temperature compensated from -20-50 °C.
Crystal Engineering



CG1503 RU automationdirectSubmersible level via hydrostatics

ProSense level sensors include two styles of SLT submersible level transmitters, which measure liquid levels by sensing hydrostatic pressure and providing a 4-20 mA signal. SLT1 has a 1-in. diameter housing and a 0-5 psig to 0-50 psig sensing range. SLT2 has a 2.75-in. diameter PTFE diaphragm surrounded by a stainless steel, non-fouling cage, and 0-5-psig to 0-30-psig sensing range.
Automation Direct


CG1503 RU koboldLow-pressure air, non-corrosive gases

Kobold’s PMP differential pressure sensor is used for controlling and measuring the DP of low-pressure air or non-corrosive gases, and is ideal for monitoring filters. The sensing range is 0 to 500 mm H2O (50 mbar), and the maximum pressure is 750 mbar. It offers a four-digit display and a 4-20 mA output signal. Relay, hysteresis, time delay of the relays and the analog output are programmable.
Kobold Instruments Inc.



CG1503 RU honeywellDisplay improves efficiency

SmartLine pressure transmitters feature a graphic display that supports graphical process data in easy-to-read trend lines and bar graphs. Part of the Smart Connection Suite, it allows control room operators to send messages to the display to make it easier for field operators to determine required maintenance. When integrated with Experion PKS, SmartLine can display its maintenance mode.
Honeywell Process Solutions





CG1503 RU abbPressure measurement in corrosives

A Kynar process connection is an alternative, cost-effective solution to remote seals for some corrosive process fluids and gases. This option is available for select models in ABB’s 2600T pressure transmitter series. The process wetted parts consist of highly corrosion-resistant Kynar and diaphragm materials, such as tantalum. Its maximum working pressure is 145 psig.






CG1503 RU apgMore compatible, greater range

PT-503 submersible pressure transducers have PVC housings for operating in environments with regular, prolonged exposure to harsh, corrosive chemicals, even at -30-130 °F and depths to 450 ft. Other features include 4-20 mA, Modbus, 0-5 Vdc and mV/V outputs; Hytrel, PVC and urethane cable options; Teflon-coated or ceramic transducer face; and breathable, hydrophobic vent tube cap.
Automation Products Group Inc.




CG1503 RU siemensSpeed of response, stability

Sitrans P500 pressure transmitters are designed for custody transfer and compressor applications They are available in several ranges to cover all applications and have a SIL2/SIL 3 safety rating. Their 88-ms speed of response, 0.14% total performance and five-year 0.05% stability make them suitable for compressor anti-surge and throughput applications.




CG1503 RU marshbelloframTwo-wire, 0.1% accuracy

Type 5000 rugged, two-wire I/P pressure transmitter converts one pressure input into a 4-20 mA or 10-50 mA output with 0.1% accuracy. Its design includes a temperature-compensated piezoresistive transducer for accurate measurements of non-corrosives. Type 5000’s lightweight housing includes a 0.25-in. NPT pressure port and 0.5-in. NPT conduit port.
Marsh Bellofram Corp.




CG1503 RU omegaHigh accuracy wet/ wet DP

PX509HL Series DP transducers are shock- and vibration-rated and provide long life in containment pressures up to 10,000 psi. Features include welded, stainless-steel construction and user-accessible potentiometers for zero and span, a micro-machined silicon sensor at the core to provide stable readings with high accuracy of 0.08%, and a broad compensated range of -20-85 °C on most ranges.
Omega Engineering Inc.
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CG1503 RU meriamPressure ranges to 5,000 PSIG

MGF16BN digital pressure gauges come in pressure ranges to 5,000 psig at standard accuracy of ±0.25% of full scale and with optional accuracy of ±0.1% of full scale. The display is a 4.5-digit LCD with 0.5-in. numerals and a lower alphanumeric display for engineering units and to aid setup. Each gauge includes up to 15 field-selectable engineering units, depending on the sensor range.
Meriam Process Technologies




CG1503 RU sorSmart DP in tight spots

815DT is a loop-powered, microprocessor-based DP transmitter with a configurable, single-pole, single-throw, normally open solid-state relay. Its discrete output signal can be used for signaling, control and emergency shutdowns, and it communicates via HART7 and Modbus RTU. Available ranges include 0-138 in H2O; 0-415 in H2O, 0-50 psid, 0-100 psid, 0-300 psid and 0-500 psid.
SOR Controls Group Ltd.






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