Reader feedback: August 2019

Readers respond to Joe Weiss' Unfettered blog and more

Regarding Joe Weiss’ “Unfettered” blog, I'm not computer- and SCADA system-savvy, but I'd like confirmation that with the original Stuxnet operation, Mossad gave Stuxnet to assets that, unfortunately, released it in the wild before penetrating the Iranian nuclear facility. That allowed who-knows-who to take it and mutate it. We can't estimate the untold damage that's being done, nor can we know how it's being mutated. Couple that with operating personnel not working closely with IT personnel, and there are significant problems.

Melissa Hancock

I read Joe Weiss’ “Unfettered” blog. As I'm not aware of any cybersecurity, safety or resiliency standard in any industry that addresses process sensor cybersecurity, this needs to change. It should be noted that because of the lack of cyber forensics at the sensor level, it would be difficult at best to determine if a sensor anomaly was caused by an unintentional malfunction or a targeted cyber attack.

Na Minianna

I was searching for an article about polymer properties and came across "Ask the Experts." I noticed Béla Lipták referenced the expression “coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)” several times. I'd like to let you know that, after a week of research, I've put together a comprehensive article on the coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) that includes a table of minimum and maximum values. I hope it might be of value to your readers.

Paul Martin

I read "Don't think old." Please no longer send me the paper publication of Control. Jim Montague is just another editor that either willfully misleads or lazily misunderstands immigration. Almost nobody, regardless of politics, is against "immigration." Many wise Americans are making noise about illegal immigration.

Also, U.S. immigration laws are simpler and more open than almost any country on earth—when followed legally. This is either an attempt to spread deceptive propaganda or written by someone who has been manipulated without looking into the facts. Either way: poor editing.

Dan Vlietstra

Dan, as editor in chief, one of my most critical principles is that politics have no place in a non-political publication such as Control. These days, it seems harder than ever to avoid them, and in this case, I clearly overlooked my duty to police them out. I will try to do better. — Paul Studebaker