Mynah Technologies' MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package

March 1, 2007
New tool for control strategy development and testing, tuning and optimization of distillation systems.

The MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package is a powerful tool for control strategy development and testing, initial and ongoing tuning of control loops, and dynamic optimization of distillation systems. It provides dynamic and accurate models for distillation, providing time and cost savings to maximize new capital projects and operational excellence initiatives.

The MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package is built predominantly for process automation system Software Acceptance Testing and Operator Training. It provides tools for dynamic simulation of distillation and absorption columns, containing two functional objects, Distillation Column and Stripper/Reboiled Absorber, which cover most of the industrial distillation processes. It provides:

  • Accurate dynamics for distillation simulation
  • Easy-to-use configuration wizard tool
  • Powerful data visualization tools
  • Quick and easy integration with process automation systems through MiMiC simulation tags

The Distillation Column object provides dynamic models for a full-scale column configuration, including reboiler, condenser and reflux receiver. The configurable model options allow creating the models in a wide range of functionality and complexity needed for the particular applications. Process plant users can build complex distillation simulation models quickly for significantly less time and money.

The objects integrate directly with MiMiC simulation using process variable tags. The package has visualization tools (graphs and tables) that provide users with a deep online insight into the object states (dynamics for the column pressure, flow, temperature and composition profiles).

The MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package has been used by world-class petrochemical facilities. It has been proven to improve operational effectiveness, reduce process downtime, and validate process automation system design.

To see a demo of this product, watch a recorded E-Seminar on the MiMiC Distillation Modeling Package at