Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Press fire is no match for teamwork and PlantPAx software

The aftermath of a forming press fire at Idaho-based Plummer Forest Products presented a grim picture, but with help from all of its employees, two system integrators and PlantPAx...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Navy overhauls boiler controls with PlantPAx

Systems Interface’s Craig Beesley helped increase operational flexibility offered by the new PlantPAx system at U.S. Naval Base Kitsap with 15 screens at separate clients.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Walk the modern DCS path with PlantPAx 5.0

“Aging systems increase the risk of downtime and lost production, so we're looking for the best ways to work with users to modernize their systems." Rockwell Automation’s Chris...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Mining practices evolve for COVID and beyond

“The concept of connected maintenance requires connection to remote management and real-time data management. And cybersecurity has a long way to go.” BHP’s Daniel Riquelme was...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Auto industry empowering workers to foster flexibility

At Navistar International, machine learning and artificial intelligence are pieces in a complex puzzle that Mark Hernandez, senior vice president, global manufacturing and supply...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

It’s time for courageous conversations in the workplace

Rockwell Automation’s Olivia Leak believes difficult conversations on divisive topics can build mutual trust when approached with authenticity from both sides.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Hybrid twins yield quick and accurate results

“With the hybrid architecture, the physics model and simulation data, along with sensor data, feed a model-based decision-support system that drives improved process yield, performance...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

PlantPAx 5.0 integrates InnovationSuite capabilities

“Simply scan the ThingMark associated with the process strategy. Then it will enable this live augmented-reality overlay over your plant’s equipment.” Rockwell Automation’s Armand...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Rockwell Automation and Cisco building digital foundations

“Just bringing more of the IT systems onto the industrial network increases the threat surface – exposes more critical infrastructure, critical capabilities to hackers and malevolent...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

ControlLogix graduates to the Ivy League

Thermo Systems’ Grant Selking discussed a recent chilled water system upgrade at an Ivy League university campus.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Food & beverage panel charts digital transformation path

ADM’s Gopal Elumalai discussed how individuals from different functional organizations can help advance each other’s digital competencies.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Pandemic spurs demand for digital lifecycle services

Rachael Conrad and Matt Fordenwalt of Rockwell Automation discussed the increasing scope of the company’s lifecycle services offering.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

5 ways to speed transformation during COVID-19

Mick Mancuso of Rockwell Automation gave a presentation on how companies are accelerating digital transformation even during this unprecedented time.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Rockwell Automation and PTC: Stronger together

Jim Heppelmann of PTC reminisced with Blake Moret of Rockwell Automation about the past, present and future of their partnership.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Kimberly-Clark rebuilds tissue machine despite COVID-19

Gabriel Pacheco described how his team—and their suppliers—overcame pandemic travel restrictions to start up a fully rebuilt tissue machine
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Oil & gas panel tackles energy transition, digital challenges

“Users can get some quick wins with digitalization, and use them as a foundation for transitioning to a new world.” ExxonMobil’s Dave Hedge argues that the oil and gas industry...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Rockwell Automation, Microsoft team to simplify your work life

“We want to alleviate the burden of getting to the right data. We want to free the customer to think about what they can do with the information.” Tessa Myers of Rockwell Automation...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Transformational successes in face of COVID challenges

“To make solutions that matter, Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence members engage with factory folks for ideas from the floor. We upskill and reskill to make manufacturing...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

PlantPAx 5.0 boasts increased flexibility, simplified engineering

"Rockwell Automation's overall goal is to enable The Connected Enterprise for its customers, so they can achieve digital transformations and take advantage of new technologies...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Survive and thrive in the post-pandemic future

“The fourth is our darkest scenario, Divisive Terrain. It includes continuing high global infection and reinfection rates.” Kalypso’s Rein Singfield outlined a range or post-pandemic...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Transforming Terminal Automation operations on a grand scale

Control systems and software from Rockwell Automation, together with fault-tolerant computing platforms from Stratus Technologies, proved central to Buckeye Partners' digital ...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

A virtual version of the Rockwell Experience

This “robot integration” stop on the Digital Thread Experience is only one of the robust, interactive displays at Automation Fair At Home that also features on-demand Zoom conversations...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

COVID puts life sciences in unique digital position

Cytiva’s Kristen Manchester explained how digital transformation has increased data visibility at her company.
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

ARMI sets out to manufacture human organs

Dean Kamen, executive director of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute, discussed his work in developing an industry to support the large-scale manufacturing of human...
Automation Fair (Rockwell Automation) 2020

Digital thread enables enterprise continuity

Rockwell Automation’s Sujeet Chand gave a presentation on how open standards, virtualization and the cloud can provide continuity for a product's lifecycle.