Live from Emerson Exchange Americas 2022

Oct. 24, 2022
The latest news and insights from Emerson Exchange Americas 2022.

Headlines from Monday, Oct. 24

Industry reaps benefits of COVID response

Emerson’s Mark Bulanda welcomed some 2,500 attendees to Emerson Exchange Americas, highlighting how the COVID pandemic changed the way people interact and the way businesses operate. Read more.

Boldly targeting sustainability of, by & with Emerson

“We have the tools and expertise. We can demonstrate progress.” Emerson’s Mike Train explored the initiatives Emerson is taking—internally and with partners—to reach our collective sustainability goals during his Emerson Exchange keynote presentation. Read more.

Software powers smart enterprise strategy

AspenTech’s Antonio Pietri discussed the need for artificial intelligence to be used in conjunction with the company’s models, and announced AspenTech's acquisition of data management platform inmation at Emerson Exchange Americas 2022. Read more.

Emerson busts barriers with Boundless Automation

“There has to be a better way to structure information, so it can be used across enterprises and looked at by different applications.” Emerson’s Peter Zornio, Claudio Fayad, and Laura Schafer detailed the company’s new vision for Boundless Automation. Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, Oct. 25

Digitalization keeps carbon in check

“We need to start to turn pledges into progress." Emerson's Mike Train hosted an energy transition panel at Emerson Exchange showcasing companies' digital transformations and their benefits to curbing emissions in industry. Read more.

Moths on touchscreens & other OT adversaries

“Proper defense is entirely doable if you have a solid understanding of your environments.” Robert Lee, CEO and founder of Dragos, discussed the reality of today's cyber-threats and shared advice for safeguarding your systems in the era of digitalization. Read more.

New nozzles improve attemperation at Duke Energy

"We were reaching the limits of these spring-loaded nozzles.” Duke Energy’s Eugene Eagle explained how the company replaced its aged atomizer nozzles with new steam-atomized nozzles from Emerson. Read more.

Online sugar measurement bumps New Belgium Brewing capacity 30%

“We sidestepped a $30 million spend on a new brewhouse. And raw material costs were reduced by about $172,000.” New Belgium Brewing’s Matthew Gilliland explained how the company realized cost savings through improved measurement, using Emerson's H300 Micro Motion Coriolis sensor with Rosemount X-Well technology. Read more.

Air Liquide upgrades with cookie-cutter compressor monitoring 

“We achieved 8.9% savings by integrating our individual AMS 6500 ATG and DeltaV panels into one cabinet with help from Puffer.” Air Liquide's Les Dupre explains how the company is upgrading the vibration-measuring components, support software and capabilities used by the air, O2, H2, and N2 compressors in its air-separation units (ASU) at four plants in Texas as part of the company’s overall digital-transformation initiative. Read more.

New Emerson exhibit puts sustainability front & center

"These are high-level solutions in the Emerson portfolio to help customers in this space, and we can quantify results for them in terms of savings.” Emerson’s Susan Ooi took Chris McNamara on a tour of the company’s new sustainability focused booth, which showcases currently available solutions that enable Emerson customers to decarbonize their own operations. Read more.

Looming checkpoint for 2050 net-zero goals is within sight 

“We really don’t have any time to wait around. If you wait to have the perfect solution, then we’ll waste too much time to get there.” Carbon America’s Ryan Helmer, Technip Energies’ Laure Mandrou and PureCycle’s Dustin Olson joined Emerson’s Mike Train to discuss the details of turning net-zero pledges into real-world projects. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, Oct. 26

Sugar producer benefits from innovative density measurement

“We’d run inefficiently for the sake of being able to run.” American Crystal Sugar’s Kevin Smith shared how utilizing pressure measurement, a control valve and magnetic flowmeter, American Crystal Sugar has been able to get an online measurement and control Brix in real time to improve sugar recovery. Read more.

Cut the time, slash the paper and boost safety-test reliability

“This is a just better way of doing it." Proconex’s Maury Bayer explains how the SIS ProofCheck tool eases the process of validating and proving test procedures. Read more.

Midwestern utility puts wireless vibration monitoring into play

“We are always striving to reduce downtime and to move away from time-based activities and toward condition-based maintenance." Evergy’s Gabe Stanton explained how the company has worked with Emerson to do just that. Read more.

SoCalGas Hydrogen Home powers utilities toward greener generation

“We need to look into cleaner energy." SoCalGas' Jennifer Medina explains how the H2 Hydrogen Home project is using hydrogen blends and Emerson controls to steer toward the utility’s 2045 Aspire goals. Read more.

Savannah River shifts from manual to automation

“We were seeing more boo-boos in our processes and decided we needed to remove some from manual and automate them to help our operators.” Savannah River Mission Completion’s Jim Coleman shares how and why it has been migrating from manual and paper-based practices to manage water and wastewater applications. Read more.

NWR Sturgeon refinery saves $6 million on maintenance

“More than 600 predictive and proactive AMS Alert Monitor workorders have been generated and executed. Plus, the data feedback we get provides high value to operations and our RIT for turnaround planning. Harmandeep Sangha of Northwest Redwater (NWR) Partnership Sturgeon Refinery described the work process efficiencies gained by leveraging Emerson’s AMS platform. Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, Oct. 27

Inclusivity & innovation over oatmeal 

How do industrial enterprises encourage inclusivity? How do they promote diversity at every level? A panel of successful women shared tips and strategies for surviving, thriving and seeing that others do, too, at the Women in Innovation breakfast panel discussion at Emerson Exchange. Read more.

Oman’s oil company integrates asset monitoring at more than 70 sites

"The vision for our Integrated Operations Center (IOC) was getting all our assets to collaborate, so we needed a centralized dashboard that everyone could focus on." Petroleum Development of Oman's Khalifa Al Aamri outlined the company's digitalization initiative over the past couple of years. Read more.

Wireless solution saves millions for regulated energy company

TC Energy needed a cost-effective solution to get in compliance because most of their compressor stations, built in the 1950s, had only one ESD pushbutton. TC Energy’s Brian Sloan explains how they did it using a WirelessHART mesh network. Read more.

Five presentations awarded best-in-conference at Emerson Exchange

After two years of online presentations, this year’s Emerson Exchange was highlighted by more than 300 live sessions. Of these, just 16 sessions were nominated by the Emerson Exchange 2022 board of directors for Best-in-Conference Awards, and just five winners were announced at the event’s closing luncheon. Read more.

Oil and gas producer pumps up operations with SCADA

“Being able to route data into our field data capture as well as layering on some addition visibility with our SCADA system we allow our lease operators to make virtual visits.” Canvas Energy’s Kylie Odorisio explained the competitive M&A advantages enabled by the company’s “Operation by Exception” methodology and SCADA implementation. Read more.