Control's 10 most-read articles of February 2017

Feb. 27, 2017
From Greg and Stan's 'deal breakers,' to Yokogawa's IIoT architecture, these were this month's most-read stories on

1. 26 things to not do in temperature, flow, valve, differential pressure and pH applications

Books and courses in academia tend to address control issues on a more theoretical level, and even when partnering with industry, some practical information may be lacking. Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner offer their list of 'deal breakers' with regard to these vital applications. Read it here.

2. Criteria and procedure for controller tuning

Characteristically, applications are nonlinear and relatively slow. Here, Russ Rhinehart discusses a heuristic approach, which he says is fast, has small impact on the processes, and includes human supervision. Read it here.

3. Resource guide: calibration education

Control's latest monthly guide, which offers the latest web-hosted papers, programs, videos and other educational resources exploring current trends and actionable intelligence. Read it here.

4. Ask the experts: Level switch safety; level for flow

Are piezoelectric switches really safe in hazardous areas? How can we use a level gauge to set a flow alarm? Béla Lipták and our panel of experts discuss. Read it here.

5. Density delivers in-process analysis

Control provides an overview of real-time, in-process density measurement methods that might inspire additional or improved level, flow and transmittance instrumentation. Read it here.

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6. Product roundup: the latest in motors and drives

Drives and motors push the lifeblood raw materials and products that keep the process industries alive. Here is the latest from Control's January issue. Read it here.

7. Why automation has limitations in emergency situations

There’s a balance to seek between automation and relying on human perceptions, knowledge, training and decision-making, says John Rezabek. Read it here.

8. University labs round out theoretical education with practical process control experience

Greg McMillan and Stan Weiner speak with Dr. Kelvin Erickson of Missouri University of Science and Technology, regarding his approach to preparing students for the future of process control. Read it here.

9. Yokogawa, partner companies to create IIoT architecture

Company is working with Microsoft, FogHorn Systems, Bayshore Networks and Telit IoT Platform to integrate its technology into an industrial IoT architecture for the delivery of new services, with an aim to help customers run their businesses more efficiently. Read it here.

10. Ethernet: What’s new and what’s next?

Some solutions are tailored to process applications, while others are best known in the discrete world. Process industry professionals would do well to become familiar with developments from several industrial Ethernet consortia, including those that cross industry lines. Read it here.

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