Live from Automation Fair 2016

Nov. 11, 2016
The editors of Control and Control Design were on site to bring you breaking news, innovations and insights.

Headlines from Monday, Nov. 7

Rockwell Automation smoothing path to digitization

“Much of our focus now is on making our solutions easier to use, less expensive and easier to access,” said John Genovesi, leader of the company's information software and process business in today's PSUG keynote address at Automation Fair. Read more


Phosphate plant reconstructed with PlantPAx

In order to upgrade PCS Phosphate's Suwannee River Chemical Complex in White Springs, Fla., the plant had to be demolished, moved and rebuilt in just 10 months with new control hardware and software from Rockwell Automation. Read more.

Powerful new tools for PlantPAx process control

Pre-built templates, IT/OT convergence and scaleable new control capabilities such as for model predictive control are three themes that describe the latest enhancement's to the Rockwell Automation PlantPAx process automation system. Read more. 

Keeping the craft in a craft brewery

Head Brewer Chris Baker of Mother Earth Brewing Co. discusses how the company's new facility near Boise required added flexibility to maintain and expand its eclectic collection of craft labels. Read more

Learn to secure your industrial assets

Industrial IP Advantage's final network design training course is designed to meet the emerging needs of control engineers and IT professionals tasked with deploying a secure network architecture. Read more.

FactoryTalk Batch v13 fulfills promise of modern batch platform

Latest batch managment software release from Rockwell Automation integrates with the company's controller-level SequenceManager. Here's what else is new with FactoryTalk Batch release 13. Read more.

Headlines from Tuesday, Nov. 8

Bringing The Connected Enterprise to life

Data born on plant-level devices and brought up through controls into information systems help operations make better decisions. Rockwell Automation President and CEO Blake Moret discusses more in his keynote presentation. Read more.

A fast track to analytics, mobile collaboration

Data and information from people and connected industrial assets can be transformed into insights that drive business benefit. Here's how Rockwell is making analytics and mobile collaboration easy. Read more.

Connect and secure the promise of digitization

The promise of the digital enterprise is real, yet only a third of companies have started the journey. A panel discussed methods on how to accelerate the digital journey and more quickly bridge the IT/OT gap. Read more.

Givaudan partners to migrate DCS in record time

Chris Alexander explains how the food flavorings plant worked with Rockwell Automation and Automated Control Concepts to upgrade its control system over just a few weekends. Read more.

Dr. Reddy's uses DCS/MES combo to streamline drug production

India-based generic pharmaceutical manufacturer coordinates PlantPAx modern distributed control system with MES to simplify and optimize operations. Read more.

Empower a digital infrastructure of your own

“Industry collects a lot of data, but less than 1% is used to affect the process,” said Rockwell's John Genovesi. According to Genovesi, The Conected Enterprise is the answer. Read more.

Headlines from Wednesday, Nov. 9

Water Forum: When to install a condition monitoring system

Equipment and repair costs are not the only factors to consider when deciding whether to apply continuous, integrated condition monitoring to rotating equipment. Read more.

Batch, MPC highlight Process Solutions booth

Rockwell Automation rationalizes batch, eases model predictive control and highlights safety in a Process Solutions display that showcases its PlantPAx modern distributed control system. Read more.

Food & Beverage Forum: Food safety is a control problem

Automation can solve challenges presented by FSMA requirements. M&M Mars’ John Helferich discusses how the government’s new standards can motivate food and beverage manufacturers. Read more.

Safety data strengthens The Connected Enterprise

Visualizing and contextualizing safety data can have a positive impact on productivity and compliance. Rockwell Automation has some new tools to help understand the causes of downtime related to safety, and operations teams can start to investigate incidents in context. Read more.

Controls, blower upgrade aids wastewater renovation

The city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) is four years into a phased, five-year project to renovate and expand its 30-million gallons per day (mgd) capacity facility. Learn how the WWTP improves performance and saves power with PlantPAx modern distributed control system as part of the renovation. Read more.

Pulp & Paper Forum: New tools for a new pulp & paper world

Users and experts at the latest Pulp & Paper Forum at Rockwell Automation Fair highlighted nano-scale technologies, PlantPAx controls, smart drives and motor controls, and other solutions that can save their processes and prosperity. Read more.

Headlines from Thursday, Nov. 10

Services solve skills and safety shortages

Rockwell Automation's Patrick Murray explains how a greater focus on digital training, a concrete strategy for the IIoT, service and evolving technologies will prepare the fast-evolving industry for the future. Read more.

Integrated Architecture keeps getting smarter

Linear motors and independent cart transport systems such as the new MagneMotion system are important to the future of Rockwell Automation. As such they're highlighted in the company's Integrated Architecture exhibit. Read more.

New Rockwell Software is mobile, scalable and easy to use

Rockwell Automation has been expanding its Information Solutions organization to support users on their quests for digital transformation and to realize their own versions of The Connected Enterprise. Read more.

Oil & Gas Forum: Pipeline group connects for reliability

Brian Sloan discusses how TransCanada’s Columbia Pipeline Group upgraded to PlantPAx across its fleet of compressor stations, resulting in rationalized data and improved visibility, as well as 99.5% reliability. Read more.

Automotive Forum: HF delivers mixing room performance

With an assist from the Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture, HF Mixing provides customers with highly efficient and flexible equipment for their tire-rubber processes. Learn more from Hans-Martin Monyer, HF's head of automation and systems. Read more.

Life Sciences Forum: Pfizer secures with Stratix switches

Smart manufacturing can't even leave the garage if it isn't secure. Jim LaBonty from Pfizer Global Engineering began the Life Sciences Forum at Automation Fair by detailing how Pfizer approaches cybersecurity. Read more.

Headlines from Friday, Nov. 11

Rockwell Automation commits $12M to STEM

Despite the growing, industry-wide need for STEM-educated professionals, few companies invest in the future of the industry. To combat that Rockwell announced its four-year investment in the FIRST organization address this critical need. Read more.

Global OEM Forum: The connected microbrewery

While the craft beer industry booms, many microbreweries are manually controlled and manufacturing is a bit old fashioned. Newlands Systems' Steve Gundy explores how the company has tapped Rockwell Automation's technology to bring value and advantage to customersRead more.

Bright future for The Connected Enterprise

A walking tour of the Innovation Zone at Automation Fair highlighted upcoming capabilities of Rockwell Automation and its five-part mission of collaboration, design, analytics, mobility and information. Read more.

Power & Energy Forum: DTE Energy St. Bernard empowered by PlantPAx DCS

Antiquated cogeneration facility gets a new lease on life with new PlantPAx controls and FactoryTalk software from Rockwell Automation. Improved reliability and lower operating costs ensued. Read more.

Safety a core value for these safety leaders

The annual Manufacturing Safety Excellence Awards provide much-deserved recognition of some of our industry’s best safety performers, including awardees Dana, OCME and MESNACRead more.

Chemicals Forum: ICS-CERT lays out cyber threats and solutions

Deputy director of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security division describes cyber threat landscape, and shows process control players how to protect themselves. Read more.

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