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Welcome to the 2014 Emerson Global Users Exchange!

Oct. 7, 2014
Emerson Surveyed Last Years Conference Participants and Their Answers Helped Shaped This Year's Conference

Welcome to the 2014 Emerson Global Users Exchange, where our goal this week is to "Inspire Ingenuity" in one another. Your Emerson Exchange Board of Directors has been hard at work for the past year to make this year's Exchange the most educational and valuable conference yet.

We received 1,285 responses to last year’s feedback survey, and we appreciate your taking time to tell us how we can make the conference better for everyone. Four prevalent topics or issues surfaced from your responses: simplify the presentation topics and conference content; improve the coordination and facilitation of workshops and short courses; identify keynote speakers who can specifically relate to our business and technology challenges; and provide ample access to Emerson subject matter experts.

Sean Brady, Chairman, 2014 Emerson Global Users Exchange

Dominion Resource Services’ Sean Brady, chairman of the 2014 Emerson Global Users Exchange, will kick off this week’s conference.

First, the Emerson Exchange Board of Directors used this feedback to develop Strategic Initiatives for the 2014 conference. We took last year’s 12 tracks and condensed them to correspond with the four key disciplines in process automation: Measure & Analyze, Operate & Manage, Final Control & Regulate, and Solve & Support. We added a Business Management track to include non-technology topics pertinent to business and operational improvement.

Second, to help ensure that sessions run smoothly, on time, and provide maximum value to attendees, we recruited over 100 knowledgeable Emerson personnel to serve as facilitators in each of the 762 workshop and short course time slots this week. These facilitators attended training to familiarize themselves with their specific sessions, presenters, room location and setup, audio/visual equipment, timing, and where to secure help if needed.  They will also be working to ensure users are seated ahead of others, keep sessions on schedule, address room issues, and facilitate questions from audience.

Next, we sought a keynote speaker that can specifically relate to our industry, our challenges, and who might inspire us to take our projects, our operations, and our business to new levels of performance. We researched and considered several individuals to serve as a keynote with this year’s conference and theme, “Inspiring Ingenuity”, and believe we found a perfect fit.

Three of our board members spent a day with Jack Uldrich in a chemical manufacturing plant, sharing with him end-users’ challenges. As a result, I think you’ll find today’s guest keynote speaker to be not only relevant, but enlightening and inspirational.

Finally, to address your requests to have more subject matter experts (SMEs) on hand to answer your questions and advise you on solutions, Emerson responded with an initiative to identify and recruit key individuals from each of its business units and technology teams to attend and participate in this year’s conference. Over 350 Emerson SMEs will participate in various sessions this year—workshops, short courses, technology forums, and meet -the-experts sessions—as well as staff a larger-than-ever technology exhibit.

Thank you all for your feedback, and we hope you’ll notice the improvements we’ve implemented.

The presentations committee reviewed hundreds of abstract submissions and painstakingly selected some 380 sessions that represent the full breadth and depth of the Emerson Process Management user experience. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank all of you who submitted abstracts for this year’s Exchange; we regret we were unable to include more of them in the conference. Even if your abstract was not selected this year, please remember that your contributions are the very essence of the Emerson Exchange experience.

Session schedules have been arranged to afford the maximum number of opportunities to learn and share. We have something for everyone—from plant and operations managers to instrument and maintenance technicians to process and controls engineers. Some 380 sessions and forums, a football field of technology exhibits, 15 certified professional development courses, plus a networking event you won’t forget Thursday night at Universal Studios’ Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We’ve also put a bit more organization into Tuesday night’s Music Jam. Come hear your fellow users share their instrumental talents and maybe share your own! Register your interest in playing with our own Emerson Exchange House Band on the Emerson Exchange website.

The Emerson Global Users Exchange is intended to provide a full week of ready access to all the process improvement and optimization information you could hope for—all in one place, all at one time.

Conference Workshops & Short Courses

We have 380 workshops and short courses scheduled throughout the week on a wide range of engaging subjects. These are an excellent opportunity to learn best practices, see what your colleagues and peers are achieving with automation, and generate new ideas for use on your job at your facility.

Industry Forums

Monday’s Industry Forums will provide insight into what your peers, other suppliers, and customers are doing to navigate through and compete in uncertain economic times.

Product & Service Roadmaps

Product Roadmap sessions, running Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, provide detailed information on products, services, and enhancements that Emerson will release in the coming months, along with insights into the strategy and technology guiding future solutions.

Technology Forums

Technology Forums presented on Tuesday and Wednesday provide the opportunity to keep up with the latest advancements in automation technology. Learn how industry leaders are applying the latest technologies for bottom-line results. Discuss emerging technological trends, current use cases, practical issues, and benefits with industry experts and peers.

Certified Training

Courses presented by Emerson’s Educational Services staff on Wednesday and Thursday focus on many of the most prevalent industry technologies and products. Continuing Education Units will be awarded to course attendees. And while these courses are included in your conference fee, seating is limited and must be reserved via MyExchange.

Meet the Experts

Round out your conference on Friday morning with practical working sessions focused on prevalent issues your operations face and the solutions you can apply. Meet, learn from, and consult with the experts behind the technology in one of several sessions.

Technology Exhibits

This year’s Exhibit Hall will encompass more than a football-field-sized area. Visit with subject matter experts and experience live, hands-on demonstrations of Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture, as well as the full range of Emerson Process Management technologies and complementary vendor solutions.

In addition to this rich variety of scheduled programs, Emerson Exchange combines the rest of the elements of a successful event. Throughout the conference, you’ll meet face-to-face with industry and process experts, speak directly with the people behind the technologies, and interact with colleagues. It will be an exciting week that will leave you inspired with ingenuous ideas for how to make the most out of your automation investments.

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