Reader Feedback: Wired vs. Wireless

March 5, 2013
A Reader Tell Us About Powerline Communication

I read this article (January, p. 47, Wired vs. Wireless), and it was very interesting. Thank you. There is an another solution that is between these two technologies; it's called powerline communication.

Wherever dc or ac powerline is required for the operation of any automation module, the powerline can be used to convey data between the modules without new wires.

My company has used this idea to develop semiconductors operating as UART transceivers over the powerline. You may transfer any number of RS232/RS485 bytes into the device, and the data will be received by all other devices connected over the powerline. Originally the device was designed for automotive; therefore it is noise-robust. Actually, many customers are using it for automation applications.

Yair Maryanka
[email protected]