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Web Highlights January 2008

Jan. 3, 2008
What’s New this Month on ControlGlobal.com
By Katherine Bonfante, managing editorial editor, digital medial

Control Global Online Guides

Have you missed any of our monthly guides? You know we have special web pages with additional online resources on subjects such as wireless, batch manufacturing and automation, but finding them on our site hasn’t been as easy as anyone would like. Well, look no more. Visit www.ControlGlobal.com/onlineguides.html and see all of our monthly online guides in one page. Each month we collect additional online resources on subjects we cover on our feature stories, build a landing page and invite to you visit it by using the link printed on our magazine. Log on now and check out all the additional resources we have gathered for you. Come to our online guides landing page and see this month’s landing page as well as previous months. Have you missed any of our landing pages?

Control de Procesos en Español

ControlGlobal is looking for process-control resources written in Spanish. Last month, we launched a Spanish-language web page on our site. It’s called Control de Procesos en Éspañol. This cyber spot was created with a mission—to collect process control, automation and instrumentation resources that have been written in or translated to Spanish. Recently, one of our readers submitted a question to our Ask The Experts column. He is a Spanish native-speaker and has come across a vast collection of English books on these subjects, but has had a difficult time finding books written in Spanish. He inquired if we knew of any books. Our experts and editors at ControlGlobal.com decided to launch this site asking our online automation community and soon we received many replies. These replies are posted on the site. To check them out and contribute any further visit http://www.controlglobal.com/extras/espanol.html.

Power over Ethernet Usage Trends Survey

The growing use of Ethernet in the industrial space and the likely ratification of a new power-over-Ethernet (PoE) standard have prompted Venture Development Corporation, on behalf of PoE technology and equipment vendors, to investigate the needs and requirements of users and specifiers of industrial automation and control equipment. VDC and these vendors want to know what products and equipment you would like to include PoE capability and what factors influence your decision to use or not use PoE.

To read more on this survey and to take part in it, please visit www.ControlGlobal.com/VDCsurvey.html


The Worst-Performing Alarm Systems
This paper presents examples of the worst, most overloaded alarm systems and offers possible solutions.

Reducing Electrical Noise in Instrument Circuits
Ways to reduce the four types of noise encountered in electronic instrument circuits.

Industrial Wireless: A Reality Check
Current and future status.

Special to the Web

Control News from Europe
Read Andrew Bond’s unique take on European process industry news.

Process Analyzer Reliability
Part 7 of Gary Nichols work on process analyzers, explores the ongoing operation and maintenance phase of the analyzer system during project engineering and construction.

Process Automation Media Network
The Media Network contains audio and video interviews with some of the biggest names in process automation and instrumentation.

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