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Emerson Global Users Exchange highlights

Oct. 4, 2006
Headlines from the five-day event include excerpts from presentations by Emerson Process Management president John Berra, Rosemount president Steve Sonnenberg, and director of technology Bob Karshnia.

Emerson CEO John Berra.

E-News Headlines from October 2
  • Emerson Announces the Start of Wireless Made Easy
  • Berra Relates Company Vision to Emerson Users
  • Pursuit of Significance Will Unleash Next Generation's Potential
  • Former Temple-Inland Chief Outlines Challenges to Industry
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Exhibit featured 30+ partners.

E-News Headlines from October 3
  • Conference Is Also a Really Big Show
  • Emerson, Friends Help Gulf Customers Recover from Hurricanes
  • The Whole Loop and Nothing But the Loop
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Merck's Joe Fauci on collaboration.

E-News Headlines from October 4
  • The Magic Word Is Collaboration
  • Fieldvue Instruments, Valve Link Software Fuel Shanghai's Huge Ethelyne Cracker
  • Best Practices Help Merck Slash Calibration Costs
  • Science Experiment or Not, Wireless Worked at BP Cherry Point
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