Readers' service scores

Jan. 13, 2005
Find out who won as readers broadcast their opinions on the best suppliers in the process control and automation industry in CONTROL magazine's 13th Annual Readers' Choice Awards.
Vendors offering exceptional service (5 = Excellent, 1 = Poor)
Ametek Process Spectrometer - 5.0Automation Direct Process Control Systems - 5.0Turck Intrinsic Safety Barriers - 5.0 4.5+  
Ametek Humidity/Moisture Analyzers - 4.7Automation Direct PLC Programming Software - 4.5Automation Direct Programmable Logic Controllers - 4.6Automation Direct Terminal Blocks 4.5Banner Engineering Safety/Emergency Shutdown Systems - 4.8Dwyer Flow Switches - 4.8EIM Electric Valve Actuators - 4.5Emerson Process Management HMI Software - 4.6Emerson Process Management Loop Controllers - 4.7Emerson Process Management Portable Calibrators - 4.8Emerson Process Management Process Spectrometers - 4.5Emerson Process-Rosemount Pressure Transmitters - 4.5Emerson Process-Rosemount Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.5Emerson Process-Rosemount Temperature Transmitters - 4.5Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic Flowmeters - 4.8Festo Pneumatic Valve Actuators - 4.5Flowserve-Valtek Pneumatic Valve Actuators - 4.8Invensys Advanced Process Control Software - 4.8Invensys Eurotherm Chessell Recorders - 4.5Red Lion Panel Displays - 4.6Siemens Pressure Transmitters - 4.6Sierra Instruments Thermal Mass Flowmeters - 4.5SixNet Remote Terminal Units - 4.8ThermoElectron-Ramsey Inline Weighing Systems - 4.6ThermoElectron (Sensall) Point Level Switches - 4.5Vishay BLH Weighing System/Load Cell - 4.7Watlow Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.6Yokogawa Process Control Systems - 4.8Yokogawa Temperature Transmitters - 4.5 4.4  
Control Microsystems Remote Terminal Units - 4.4Dresser Masoneilan Float/Displacer Level Transmitters - 4.4Emerson Process Management Loop Tuning Software - 4.4Emerson Process Management Neural Network Software - 4.4Emerson Process Management Batch Control Software - 4.4Emerson Process-Micromotion Density/Concentration Analyzers - 4.4Emerson Process-Rosemount Electrical Property-Based Level Transmitters - 4.4Honeywell Pressure Transmitters - 4.4Mynah Technologies Simulation Software - 4.4Phoenix Contact Power Supplies - 4.4Rockwell Automation Safety/Emergency Shutdown Systems - 4.4 4.3  
ABB Batch Control Software - 4.3Ametek Drexelbrook Electrical Property-Based Level Transmitters - 4.3Aspentech Simulation Software - 4.3Beamex Portable Calibrators - 4.3Clark-Reliance (Jerguson) Level Visual Indicators - 4.3Dresser Masoneilan Control Valves - 4.3Emerson Process Management Asset Management Software - 4.3Emerson Process Management Coriolis Mass Flowmeters - 4.3Emerson Process Management Magnetic Flowmeters - 4.3Emerson Process Management Process Control Software - 4.3Emerson Process Management Process Control Systems - 4.3Emerson Process Management SCADA Software - 4.3Emerson Process Management Safety/Emergency Shutdown Systems - 4.3Emerson Process Management Remote Terminal Units - 4.3Emerson Process Management Thermal Mass Flowmeters - 4.3Emerson Process-Fisher Controls Electric Valve Actuators - 4.3Emerson Process-Fisher Controls Pneumatic Valve Actuators - 4.3Emerson Process-Rosemount TDR Radar Level Transmitters - 4.3Emerson Process-Rosemount Thermocouples - 4.3Emerson Process-Saab Rosemount Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters - 4.3Emerson Process-Saab Rosemount Inventory-grade Tank Level System - 4.3Endress+Hauser Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters - 4.3Endress+Hauser Vortex Shedding Flowmeters - 4.3Flowserve-Valtek Control Valves - 4.3Invensys Foxboro Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.3Invensys Wonderware Batch Control Software - 4.3Invensys Wonderware SCADA Software - 4.3JMS Southeast Thermocouple - 4.3MTL Intrinsic Safety Barriers - 4.3National Instruments Process Control Software - 4.3Ohmart Vega Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.3Pavillion Technologies Neural Network Software - 4.3Pepperl & Fuchs/Bebco Purge Systems - 4.3Pyromation Thermocouples - 4.3Robicon Variable Frequency Drives - 4.3Rockwell Automation Variable Frequency Drives - 4.3Siemens PLC Programming Software - 4.3Swagelok Instrument Fittings - 4.3Yokogawa Loop Controllers - 4.3Yokogawa Magnetic Flowmeters - 4.3Yokogawa Recorders - 4.3 4.2  
ABB pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzers - 4.2Acopian Power Supplies - 4.2Belden Wire & Cabling - 4.2Danaher-Gems Sensors Float/Displacer Level Transmitters - 4.2Dell Computer Industrial Computers - 4.2Emerson Process Management Input/Output (I/O) Systems - 4.2Emerson Process-Fisher Controls Control Valves - 4.2Emerson Process-Fisher Controls Float/Displacer Level Transmitters - 4.2Endress+Hauser Electrical Prop.-based Level Transmitters - 4.2Endress+Hauser Coriolis Mass Flowmeters - 4.2Endress+Hauser Magnetic Flowmeters - 4.2Endress+Hauser Pressure Transmitters - 4.2GLI Hach div. of Danaher pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzers - 4.2Hardy Instruments Weighing Systems/Load Cells - 4.2Hoffman Enclosures - 4.2Honeywell Loop Tuning Software - 4.2Honeywell Temperature Transmitters - 4.2Invensys Foxboro pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzers - 4.2Invensys Foxboro Pressure Transmitters - 4.2JMS Southeast Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.2Mettler Toledo Inline Weighing Systems - 4.2OSISoft SCADA Software - 4.2Phoenix Contact Terminal Blocks - 4.2Pyromation Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.2Rockwell Automation Remote Terminal Units - 4.2Watlow Thermocouples - 4.2Weidmüller Terminal Blocks - 4.2 4.1  
ABB Process Control Systems - 4.1AutoDesk AutoCAD Design/Documentation Software - 4.1Controlotron Ultrasonic Flowmeters - 4.1Danaher Fluke Portable Calibrators - 4.1Draeger Ambient Gas Detectors - 4.1Emerson Process Management Calibration Management Software - 4.1Emerson Process Management Advanced Process Control Software - 4.1Emerson Process-Rosemount Analytical pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzers - 4.1Emerson Process-Rosemount Vortex Shedding Flowmeters - 4.1Endress+Hauser TDR Radar Level Transmitters - 4.1Endress+Hauser Point Level Switches - 4.1Endress+Hauser Inventory-grade Tank Level Systems - 4.1ifm efector Flow Switches - 4.1Invensys-Foxboro Process Control Software - 4.1Invensys-Triconex Safety/Emergency Shutdown Systems - 4.1Invensys-Wonderware HMI Software - 4.1Krohne Magnetic Flowmeters - 4.1Magnetrol Visual Level Indicators - 4.1Mettler Toledo pH/ORP/Conductivity Analyzers - 4.1Moore Industries Int&rsquol Signal Conditioners - 4.1MSA Ambient Gas Detectors - 4.1Ohmart Vega Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters - 4.1Ohmart Vega Nuclear Level Gauge - 4.1Pepperl & Fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers - 4.1Rittal Enclosures - 4.1Rockwell Automation PLC Programming Software - 4.1Rockwell Automation Process Control Software - 4.1Rockwell Automation Programmable Logic Controllers - 4.1Sola Power Supplies - 4.1Yokogawa Pressure Transmitters - 4.1 4.0  
ABB Vortex Shedding Flowmeters - 4.0ABB Process Spectrometers - 4.0ABB Variable Frequency Drives - 4.0ABB Recorders - 4.0ABB (sold to MicroMod Inc.) Loop Controllers - 4.0Altek/Transmation Portable Calibrators - 4.0Aspentech Advanced Process Control Software - 4.0Bently-Nevada Vibration Sensors - 4.0CTC Operator Interface Terminals - 4.0Danaher Fluke Calibration Management Software - 4.0Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Variable Frequency Drives - 4.0Emerson Process Management Stack Gas/Continuous Emission Monitors - 4.0Emerson Process Management Simulation Software - 4.0Emerson Process-Brooks Level Gauge Visual Indicator - 4.0Emerson Process Msrmnt-Saab Rosemount Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - 4.0Endress+Hauser Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - 4.0Endress+Hauser Density/Concentration Analyzers - 4.0Entrelec Terminal Blocks - 4.0Flowline Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - 4.0GE Infrastructure Operator Interface Terminals - 4.0Honeywell Loop Controllers - 4.0Honeywell Calibration Management Software - 4.0Honeywell Input/Output (I/O) Systems - 4.0Idec Power Supplies - 4.0Intergraph Design/Documentation Software - 4.0Invensys Simulation Software - 4.0Invensys Eurotherm Action Instruments Signal Conditioners - 4.0Invensys Foxboro Coriolis Mass Flowmeters - 4.0Invensys Wonderware Process Control Software - 4.0Magnetrol TDR Radar Level Transmitters - 4.0Magnetrol Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - 4.0Microsoft Visio Design/Documentation Software - 4.0National Instruments SCADA Software - 4.0National Instruments Input/Output (I/O) Systems - 4.0Omega Engineering Resistance Temperature Detect. - 4.0Omega Engineering Thermocouples - 4.0Parker Hannifin Instrument Fittings - 4.0Phoenix Contact Intrinsic Safety Barriers - 4.0Phoenix Contact Signal Conditioners - 4.0Pilz Safety/Emergency Shutdown Systems - 4.0Rockwell Automation Asset Management Software - 4.0Rockwell Automation HMI Software - 4.0Rockwell Automation Industrial Computers - 4.0Rockwell Software Loop Tuning Software - 4.0Rockwell Automation Operator Interface Terminals - 4.0Rockwell Automation Process Control Systems - 4.0SAP Asset Management Software - 4.0Siemens Stack Gas/Continuous Emission Monitors - 4.0Siemens Process Control Systems - 4.0Siemens Input/Output (I/O) Systems - 4.0Siemens-Milltronics Non-contact Radar Level Transmitters - 4.0Siemens Milltronics Ultrasonic Level Transmitters - 4.0ThermoElectron Ramsey Weighing Systems/Load Cells - 4.0

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