Metso's Device Management Business Solution Increases Savings at Chinese Paper Mill


By Metso

Sep 24, 2013

Metso's Device Management Business Solution has reduced storage expenses, valve spare parts purchases and networking capital tied up in valves at a major Chinese paper mill. In the contract Metso is responsible for managing spare parts inventory. In this way Metso has satisfied customer's priority requirement of reducing its inventory and also ensured that contract inventory is sufficient to cover all valves in critical parts of the process while saving inventory costs at the same time.

The five year service contract started in 2008 and is continued for another 5 year period. The contract covers areas such as inventory stock management, spare parts agreement and pricing, delivery timescales, field services, rapid response services and technical guidance services.

"With Metso's service team we do not have any worries. We do not have to contend with inventory issues any longer, and neither do we have to consider matters such as on-site valve maintenance," said the satisfied customer. During this time period, Metso's customer has not encountered any incidence of equipment failure due to valve issues.

Automation's President Perttu Louhiluoto said in an interview with Valve World: "I believe strongly in China's rapid development because I have seen for myself how it has developed in 5 to 7 years in a way that would take 30 years elsewhere. Under such circumstances, I believe that in the coming 5 years, the element of service will become a factor considered by suppliers, and they will receive attention and be trusted as long as they perform well in terms of the supply of spare parts and value the quality of their products. This is why we are taking the initiative to develop our services with regard to our solutions end-users. Metso is committed to promote our Device Management model so that our customers in China and elsewhere can enjoy high-quality management services for valve and other device inventory, more stable workflow management, more timely supplies as well as higher efficiency.''