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Rockwell Delivers Comprehensive Fieldbus Network Services


By Fieldbus Foundation

Nov 25, 2013

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Networks that adhere to standards become transparent to the process and provide a reliable conduit for information. To help end users achieve this environment, Rockwell Automation Network & Security Services (NSS) offers a series of network audits tailored specifically for FOUNDATION fieldbus networks that confirm H1 links are installed according to standards. These include design, installation and operational audits.

FF1311 RockwellFirst, the NSS team provides a design audit to review project documentation and compares it to standards, specifications and project requirements. This audit feeds the installation audit, where a consultant will verify that the network is installed as designed.

During the design audit, values such as cable length, resistance and voltage drops are estimated or calculated; however, they are measured during the installation audit. Every aspect of the FOUNDATION fieldbus network is recorded, including cable used, topology and devices. If gaps are identified during the design and/or installation audit, then remediation is recommended.

Finally, during the operational audit, signals are measured and recorded for future comparison, which become a baseline for troubleshooting.

Network & Security Services provides a matrix of services including assessments, design/planning, implementation, audit, and manage/monitoring services for ControlNet and EtherNet/IP used by FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 devices.

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