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Beta Versions of DD Development Tools Now Available


By Fieldbus Foundation

Mar 25, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

Beta versions of the Device Description (DD) Services Kit, version 5.3.0, and Device Description Integrated Development Environment (DD-IDE), version 1.3.0 are now available. These tools have been updated to support DD Templates, which provide an interoperable, standardized way for instrumentation companies to offer a variety of application-specific default settings for FOUNDATION fieldbus devices.

The new beta development tools, available to Fieldbus Foundation members for initial implementation of DD Templates in fieldbus devices and host systems, allow developers to begin early implementation of these IEC 61804-based templates. They provide device suppliers with a standardized way of embedding multiple predefined templates in their DDs from the factory floor, making it quicker and easier for end users to configure devices for their application. It also enhances the usability of FOUNDATION technology, supporting the Fieldbus Foundation's ultimate goal of making the digital fieldbus automation experience easier than conventional analog control systems.

Recent Field Device Integration (FDI) developments are not included in this release. FDI developments will be available in a separate tool upon its release. The FDI specification (produced by FDI Cooperation, LLC, of which the Fieldbus Foundation is a founding member) will make it possible for automation suppliers to prepare for developing products and host systems compatible with FDI. The same "beta" process will be followed in the future for FDI-related updates.

The DD Services Kit beta version and DD-IDE beta version are available to current maintenance holders.

DD Tools are available to purchase on the Tools page of the Fieldbus Foundation's website