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Meet Yokogawa's Solutions for Optimizing Plant Operations

Source: Yokogawa

By Yokogawa

Feb 07, 2014

Yokogawa Electric Corporation will begin offering new solutions for optimizing plant operations in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and other industries this April. These solutions will be provided as part of Yokogawa's VigilantPlant Services® suite to support safe, stable, and highly efficient plant operations. The technology underlying these solutions is Yokogawa's newly developed MIRROR PLANT online simulator.

The MIRROR PLANT simulator can visualize the internal state of a plant process and make near-term predictions on plant behavior. This simulator operates in synchronization with the plant control system and features the good performance required in commercial plants.

In recent years, there has been increasing focus on improving plant safety and strengthening competitiveness by making plants more efficient. For example, in the chemical industry, plant operators need in real time to manage or adjust the state of catalysts and the composition of the reagents and product materials in a chemical reactor, to optimize both plant productivity and product quality. However, many of the process variables are difficult to measure or cannot be measured directly. Based on actual process information such as flow rate, temperature, and pressure, simulation technology can make predictions on items that cannot be measured in real time. By means of high-speed calculations, the simulator can make near-term predictions on the state of a plant. Operators can then anticipate events and take action earlier to ensure safe operation.

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