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Softing Releases Version 5.2 of Fieldbus Configuration and Integration Toolset

By Fieldbus Foundation

Jan 21, 2014

Foundation Fieldbus Knowledge Center

FF1401 Softing prodSofting's FOUNDATION fieldbus Configuration and Integration Toolset provides a full set of FOUNDATION fieldbus configuration capabilities for integration into host or DCS systems. It fully supports the functionality needed for online and offline configuration of FOUNDATION fieldbus networks. The scalable software supports numerous network topologies.

Version 5.2 of the toolset includes new features like "Configuration Upload" and "Firmware Download." The "Configuration Upload" "reads" the current network topology information from the field devices. This information serves as the starting point for a configuration project. This functionality simplifies, in particular, the network configuration in the event of a plant expansion.

Field device firmware can be updated centrally from the control room with the "Firmware Download" feature, provided the corresponding field devices support this functionality. This convenient feature replaces the time-consuming transition to individual field devices as well as the often-arduous task of loading of new firmware versions in the field.

For more information, please visit the Softing website.