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Yokogawa Enhances Device Diagnostics with Plant Resource Manager

By Fieldbus Foundation

Sep 25, 2014

FF1409 YokogawaProdPlant Resource Manager (PRM) is Yokogawa's solution for Asset Excellence that takes advantage of the numerous diagnostic capabilities offered by Fieldbus Foundation fieldbus instruments. With the implementation of NAMUR NE107 by Yokogawa's PRM, it will simplify how alarms are interpreted from the field devices. Four alarm categories are defined as per the NE107 specification: Failed (Failure, Red), Off-Specification (Out of Specification, Yellow), Maintenance (Maintenance Required, Blue), and Check Function (Check Function, Orange).

A device that supports NAMUR NE107 generates a diagnostics alert as per NE107 status, and with Yokogawa's PRM alarm configuration, helps you filter alarms by: the NAMUR statuses, user roles and device criticality in a single message containing the device status and NAMUR status. A user will have access to these alarms by just selecting the NAMUR tab available in the PRM software as seen in the following figure.

All device alarms are listed in the navigation window in the order of their severity. By selecting a specific alarm, user can view the detailed information associated with that alarm.

For more information, please visit the Yokogawa website.