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Updated FDI development tool suite released

By FieldComm Group

Sep 25, 2015

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FieldComm Group has released the first update to its FDI (Field Device Integration) development tool suite. The suite includes FDI Package IDE (Integrated Development Environment), the development environment for creating FDI Packages; and FDI Common Host Components, the UI (Universal Interface) and EDD (Electronic Device Description) engines that allow for rapid development and support of FDI Packages in host systems.

Version 1.1 of the suite introduces several new capabilities for FDI product developers as shown in the table below.


Feature  Benefit Development Tool:
Automated Package Test Simplifies and reduces time and errors in testing FDI Package IDE
PROFINET Support Enables FDI package development for PROFI devices FDI Package IDE
Offline Configuration Enables configuration of devices prior to connection to the system FDI Package IDE, FDI Common Host Components

A single device package makes it easier for instrumentation suppliers to develop and integrate their devices across a wide range of host systems and protocols.

FCGI DeviceDeveloper

FDI tools and host components are currently available for license from FieldComm Group for the FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and PROFIBUS/PROFINET protocols. FieldComm Group members can license FDI Package IDE for $1,900 per protocol and FDI Common Host Components for $50,000. Each include one-year of support.

For more information about FDI Tools and Components, please visit the FDI Tools page on the FieldComm Group website.