Yokogawa Corp., eSimulation Inc. form partnership

Feb 24, 2017

Yokogawa Corp.and eSimulation Inc. said they have formed a strategic alliance designed to expand the companies’ automation solution portfolios and deliver value to the North American oil and gas midstream industry.

According to the companies, key sources of value for midstream operators include:

  • Capturing profit opportunities by modeling and optimizing both the operational and commercial interactions across connected, multi-gathering and multi-processing assets (supersystems)
  • Maximizing gas plant profitability by determining optimal product recovery targets and energy burn rates given current inlet volumes/compositions, processing equipment capability (current fouling/efficiencies), producer contracts and current commodity prices
  • Improving and maintaining operator competency using dynamic-model-based operator training simulators
  • Monetizing investments in PSM documentation to help new and experienced operators alike to run the plant safely
  • Managing oil, gas, and condensate inventories using state-of-the-art, cloud-based, gathering solutions
  • Supporting greenhouse gas emissions reporting for the gathering system
  • Offering high-quality SCADA, plant control, analyzer, and field device infrastructure. Yokogawa said it has a SCADA and control platform that is consistent across gathering and processing assets to control interactions from the wellhead to sales points in a safe, seamless fashion.

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“Our ability to drive midstream value has been significantly enhanced through our alliance with Yokogawa Corporation of America,” said eSimulation President Mark Roop.

Added Gene Cammack, director of system product marketing at Yokogawa: “We have always been impressed with eSimulation’s technology and their track record of success in generating value. As a direct result of this relationship, Yokogawa has several major initiatives underway to structure our solutions for midstream applications.”