Invensys Simsci-Esscor

March 27, 2007
MBM software interfaces directly with IT infrastructure

Flowsheet-Based Material Balance Module

The Material Balance Module (MBM) for SimSci-Esscor's Advanced Real-time Performance Modeling (ARPM) suite is a flowsheet-based solution that uses advanced mass and volume reconciliation to reveal sources of random error, bias and gross error that jeopardize the accuracy of real-time plant data.

The MBM software interfaces directly with a plant's IT infrastructure to automate data reconciliation without additional routine data entry. It combines advanced reconciliation methodologies within a flowsheeting tool to automate creation of daily material balance reports for each major unit, identify bad flow instrumentation and aid in pinpointing material loss locations.

The module is highly scalable. A user can, for example, create a simple material balance representation of plant streams and units and then extend the platform later to achieve more rigorous heat and material balance, on-line performance monitoring, and operations decision support modeling that may be needed for advanced closed loop optimization or real-time enterprise control.

The new Material Balance Module is part of SimSci-Esscor's On-Line Performance Suite, the industry's only solution that provides a common scalable modeling platform for material balance, data reconciliation, simulation, and optimization. It takes advantage of ARPM's External Data Interface (EDI) that enables direct drag-and-drop retrieval of process information from a variety of sources, including the DCS, LIMS, and data historians with direct embedded interfaces to PHD and PI historians, as well as Invensys' own InFusion Historian.