Top 10 articles from June 2019

July 2, 2019
From counterfeit instrumentation to cybersecurity and data analytics, these were the Top 10 articles on during the month of June.

10. Emerson installs 68 controllers at multi-service utility
Emerson announced that it's been selected to modernize PLC-based controls for power and water plants and remote sites operated by the utilities department of the City of Fremont, NebRead more.

9. The process sensor ecosystem is not cyber secure and can cause catastrophic damage
IoT, Industry 4.0 and digital transformation all assume the sensor ecosystem is uncompromised, authenticated and correct, which generally is not true. Read more.

8. National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) Cyber Security Conference - Observations
Joe Weiss offers his observations from the NAWC conference, noting that the event and its attendees were more closely related to IT with little focus on engineering and operations. Read more.

7. A step closer to clean fusion energy
We’re getting a closer to clean fusion energy as TAE Technologies takes a new approach to the process of generating fusion power using field-reversed configuration (FRC)Read more.

6. Data analytics isn't as difficult as it used to be
Many of today's data analytics tools and software are easier to use and generate useful information for informed decisions. Curiously, the main hurdle is convincing users that it isn't as difficult as it used to be. Read more.

5. Differential pressure level in a purged tank
When using a differential-pressure (DP) level transmitter, are the high and the low pressure ports reversed if the tank is purged with nitrogen? Read more.

4. Yokogawa announcement warns of counterfeit transmitters
Yokogawa released a product service announcement warning of identified instances in which Yokogawa customers received counterfeit EJA-110E series instruments using the Yokogawa logo. Read more.

3. Refinery of the future less focused on fuels
Integrated refineries and petrochemical plants are the “Refineries of the Future,” said Honeywell's Carrie Eppelheimer. Integrating petrochemical capabilities helps refineries “Get the maximum value out of every drop of crude oil, and respond to market drivers.” Read more.

2. Chernobyl did not need to occur
This accident proved once more what experienced control engineers have all learned: that a process must be understood before it can be controlled. Read more.

1. The ultimate control system cybersecurity nightmare — using process transmitters as Trojan Horses
On May 28, two independent announcements affecting control system supply chain cybersecurity were made that taken together spell a lack of cybersecurity, safety and resilience of all infrastructures. Read more.

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