Resource guide: Gas chromatography, mass spectrometry

May 20, 2019
Control's monthly guide brings you invaluable industry information to stay up to date on the latest trends and developments.

Fundamental GC functions

This eight-page article, "Fundamentals of gas chromatography (GC)," details the components of a GC system and its processes, including sample handling, oven, column, filters, phases, valves, detectors and controllers.  


Peak performance webinar

A 58-minute video, "How to ensure peak performance in my GC" by Jeff Owens, Yokogawa product specialist and instructor, teaches how to select the right sample system for a GC, installation considerations for optimal GC performance, and best practices for GC maintenance. The video and slides are available after a brief registration.


Library at learning center

The gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) resource library in the MS learning center at Thermo Fisher Scientific's website includes application notes, webinars, posters and other resources on sample preparation, separation protocols, sample analysis, workflows, software protocols and MS tecnologies.  

Thermo Fisher Scientific

eBook on multiple basics

The 60-page book, "Agilent gas chromatographs," explains how to use GCs effectively with an introduction to the technology and chapters on sample injections, separating and detecting components, and interpreting chromatograms.


Chromatography essentials 

A nine-minute video, "The chromatography essentials" by Prof. Harold McNair, covers GC columns, instruments, chromatograms, limitations and quantitative analyses.


Control extends GC role

This feature article, "GC stands for greater control" by Brian Rohrback of Infometrix Inc., traces recent developments in gas chromatography technologies, such as smaller instruments, faster analyses and smarter software, which are expanding GC's capabilities and responsibilities.

Chemical Processing

Illustrated online intro

The web-based article, "Gas chromatography" by the LibreTexts project, covers sample injection, carrier gas, open tubular and packed columns, and many types of detection systems. 


History and comparisons

A 24-page paper, "Theory and instrumentation of GC introduction," charts the history of gas chromatographs, compares them with other technologies, details the reasons for using them, and even has a glossary of applicable terms. 


Sample handling for GC

This 52-minute video, "Sample handling system (SHS) considerations for your gas chromatograph," addresses SHS best practices and preventive measures to ensure GCs and SHSs are operating properly. 


Maintenance and calibration

Two, 28-minute, old-style videos, "GC ovens and controllers" and "Sampling systems and GC valves" from the ISA's instrument technology training series, provide many useful, visual details about GC equipment and best practices for using them. 


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