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Emerson Exchange to convene near Dallas

Sept. 22, 2022
‘Focus Forward’ is theme of in-person user conference set for October 24-28, 2022

It’s been a full three years since users of Emerson’s automation systems, software and instrumentation solutions have gathered in person to share best practices and get a peek into what new innovations to expect in the months and years to come. And if the conference theme of “Forward Focus” is any indication, users who gather in late October at the Gaylord hotel in Grapevine, Texas (near the Dallas/Fort Worth International airport) for the Emerson Exchange 2022 will learn how Emerson solutions are being directed at some of the most pressing issues facing industry today, including sustainability and mitigating the effects of global climate change.

During the years leading up to the pandemic, Emerson had already begun to significantly expand and deepen its automation offering in the hybrid and discrete manufacturing space, adding PLCs, PACs and machine-oriented HMI/SCADA software into its DCS and RTU system portfolio, according to Sarah Beadle, vice president, brand marketing and communications for systems and software, Emerson.

“Data management and analytics such as those demonstrated in our Plantweb Optics platform are becoming more embedded within our standard product technology portfolio,” Beadle adds. “These capabilities are closely aligned with the optimization software capabilities represented by the AspenTech majority acquisition which closed earlier this year and will be on display at Emerson Exchange for the first time.”

AspenTech will also be a central focus on the Emerson Exchange technology exhibit floor, where “The Future of Automation” theater will explore Emerson’s vision, including how AspenTech capabilities complement and extend Emerson solutions. “Sustainability is a thread that weaves throughout the exhibits,” Beadle adds. “But one thing that will be different from other conferences is the inclusion of very specific and quantifiable business results. So, we'll be able to help people quantify their own potential sustainability progress against the impact we’re making with other customers.”

The exhibit space will also include videos and three-dimensional models of solutions in areas such as renewable natural gas, green diesel, hydrogen, wind and solar. “Subject matter experts from around the world will be there to speak to customers, along with Mike Train, our chief sustainability officer,” Beadle says. “We’re really excited how sustainability pulls automation solutions across world regions and many diverse industries.”

The 150,000-sq.ft. exhibit space will include some 50 Emerson exhibits complemented by 40 partner exhibits. “A booth on the exhibit floor dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion issue will be one very visible sign of a technical conference that will also dig into professional and organizational development, and the non-technical happenings in the world that affect us all,” Beadle adds.

And, of course, what would Emerson Exchange be without new product announcements? Attendees can expect multiple new announcements of interest to users of both DeltaV and Ovation DCS platforms, Beadle says. Renewable technology, new Bluetooth-accessible instrumentation, remote terminal unit expansion, new HMI, PLC and Edge solutions will also be on display. “We're going to have a lot of new products to explore,” she adds.

The technical conference itself will feature more than 300 sessions, as well as Emerson keynote speakers Mark Bulanda, executive president, Automation Solutions, Mike Train, Emerson’s chief sustainability officer and Antonio Pietri, CEO of AspenTech. Guest keynote speakers include author Ben Nemtin on “Making the Impossible Possible” and Rob Lee, CEO and co-founder of Dragos.

Remarkably, registration for Emerson Exchange Americas 2022 is already pacing ahead of 2019 levels. So, visit the Exchange home page to reserve your place today!

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