Klabin-Metso Partnership Continues With Process Optimization Business Solution Contract

March 22, 2013
Metso signs contacts to provide process optimization services for Klabin, a leading Brazilian packaging paper and board producer

Brazil's packaging paper producer Klabin continues its long partnership with Metso trough a contract for the supply of Metso's Process Optimization Business Solution. Metso will work with Klabin to increase production efficiency at the company's Otacílio Costa and Correia Pinto mills. This contract is Metso's largest contract in South America and the second largest global order.

Metso's Process Optimization Business Solution consists of a number of process optimization services, built around advanced process control technology.These are used to stabilize individual production processes and then improve production efficiency in those processes. The solution consists of expert services coupled with delivery of advanced process controls technology, pulp analyzers.

In the Correia Pinto mill the focus is on washing line optimization and steam network balancing. In the Otacílio Costa site, the focus is on two evaporation plants, recovery boiler, causticizing plant and steam network optimization. Both mills are located in Santa Catarina state, a Southern region of Brazil.

The entire delivery of this project is scheduled to be done in 2013. Learn more.