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Emerson partners with Huntsman to improve asset optimization at plant in Holland

Sept. 23, 2005
Huntsman expects to use predictive technology to schedule maintenance requirements and reduce plant failures.
EMERSON PROCESS Management has initiated an asset optimization improvement program at the Huntsman Holland plant at Rozenburg near Rotterdam. Based on a consultative audit performed by Emerson, Huntsman is implementing a combination of planned and predictive maintenance using Emerson’s AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software, communicating with a PlantWeb digital network of intelligent field devices. Huntsman expects to use the predictive technology of PlantWeb to schedule maintenance requirements and reduce plant failures.

Huntsman Rozenburg will implement planned and predictive maintenance using Emerson's AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager software and PlantWeb digital plant architecture.

Huntsman operates in an expanding market and its management team is always looking for ways to increase production capacity and improve efficiency. Huntsman is already using Emerson process and control products, and Emerson was asked to conduct the asset optimization benchmark assessment and site evaluation. The objective was to review the condition monitoring programs at the site and develop an improvement program. Following the three-day assessment, the improvement plan was presented to senior management at Huntsman and approved for implementation. Built in 1961, the Huntsman Holland Rozenburg site is situated in the Europoort area near Rotterdam. Sixty percent of the Dutch petrochemicals industry is based in this area, which is the world’s largest port and second largest industrial zone. The plant produces MDI, Polyols and variants, which are used in the manufacture of hard and soft products for mattresses, car dashboards and insulation for domestic appliances. Products can be tailor-made to the customer’s specification and many new products are manufactured each year to satisfy the rapidly changing needs of the market.The Huntsman site has 400 employees and 150 contractors. It has won several awards including the first “Horti” port award for the best looking site in the main port area of Rotterdam and the first winner of the “Responsible Care Award” from the Association fo the Ductch Chemical Industry (VNCI).