Radix supports AWS Outposts to manage plant floors

Nov. 7, 2022
Radix is working with AWS to define the reference architecture for running Aveva PI System

Radix Engineering and Software announced Oct. 5 that it’s supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts to help customers who need a hybrid architecture and on-premises environment to manage plant floor applications. Radix is working with AWS to define the reference architecture for running Aveva PI System (formerly PI Core) from OSIsoft, which also recently joined Aveva on AWS Outposts. Aveva PI consists of industrial data management products that connect process and sensor data to operators and decision makers throughout an organization.

AWS Outposts are managed solutions delivering AWS infrastructure and services to on-premises or edge locations for consistent hybrid experiences, which can support modernization of manufacturing workloads and plant-floor applications. With common infrastructures, services, application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools in the cloud and onsite, manufacturers can be more agile, resilient, efficient, and competitive. By supporting AWS Outposts with Aveva PI System, manufacturers benefit from real-time data infrastructure that collects sensor-based data from many different sources with a consistent experience, as well as streamlined regulatory compliance.

“Manufacturers that want to use the cloud to modernize plant floor applications face a range of challenges, which aren’t easily overcome by typical hybrid architecture solutions,” says Flávio Niemeyer Guimarães, Radix’s U.S. CEO. “We’re excited to work with AWS to address the challenges of customers with stringent low-latency data requirements and data residency needs.”

Mike Graves, director of global system integrators at Aveva, adds, “Thousands of customers rely on Aveva PI System daily to run their critical operations. AWS Outposts allow customers to run and manage their AWS workloads and keep their critical systems and data on premises. Radix has tested the operation of Aveva PI System on AWS Outposts, and can support our joint customers in their cloud journey and gain the benefits of running on AWS.”

Radix reports that it already has several customers running Aveva PI System on AWS in the chemical, fertilizer, glass, and pulp and paper industries. Radix developed a process analytics platform using AWS together with Aveva PI System for one of the largest pulp and paper producers in Brazil. Results included faster data analysis and improved operational efficiency, reduced response time and centralized process knowledge that’s easily accessible to all process engineers.