Resource guide: all about APC, simulation and modeling

March 1, 2017
See our latest slate of white papers, programs, videos and other materials from Siemens, ABB, ARC Advisory Group, and many others.

Training aids and locations

The Training Aids subsection at the website has links (a few broken) to several dozen articles, presentations and other sites with educational materials about advanced process control (APC). 

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APC mastery at McMaster U

The McMaster Advanced Control Consortium (MACC) promotes process automation and related process systems engineering through academia-industry interactions, but it also includes a boatload of tutorials, newsletters and other education materials about APC. 

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-- McMaster Advanced Control Consortium

Advanced video collection

A collection of short, animated videos make up the APC tutorial webpage within the larger Siemens website. Topics covered by the tutorials include an APC overview, tools, multivariable process control (MPC), using PLC in a distillation column, creating an MPC model and several others.

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-- Siemens

"APC ain't easy" article

A cornerstone article in Control on advanced control in the real world is "APC ain't easy" by then senior technical editor Dan Hebert. He took a deep dive into the difficulties process control users face when adding advanced control to their applications, and shows how gains APC provides will quickly fade if they aren't maintained. 

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-- Control

Chemical control videos

The Process Automation and Control webpage at the larger AIChE website hosts dozens of videos and articles on advanced control, simulation, modeling and other subjects. Fortunately, a search box just below the title makes it easy to find the topic you're seeking. 

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-- AIChE

Enhanced modeling paper

"Improvement in the Performance of Online Control Applications via Enhanced Modeling Techniques" is a 27-page, acdemic-style paper by Nunzio Bonavita, Riccardo Martini and Ted Matsko, all of ABB. Originally produced in 2003, the paper presents many of the essential issues of APC and modeling. 

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-- ABB

APC, SIS at an ammonia plant

This 20-minute video, “Advanced Process Control (APC) and Safety Instrumented System (SIS) in an Ammonia Plant," is delivered by Vivek Gupta, head of instrumentation, DCM Shriram Ltd., as one of the presentations at a recent ARC Advisory Group event. 

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-- ARC Advisory Group

Don't fear advanced control

To dispel worries about using APC, Chemical Processing magazine recently published its "Overcome Fear of Advanced Process Control" cover article. In it, Perry Nordh of Honeyell Process Solutions explains how planning, implementation and maintenance of an APC strategy can improve plant efficiency and performance. 

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-- Chemical Processing

System modeling, simulation

The 40-minute video, "System modeling and simulation," is part of a series on principles of engineering system design, and is presented by Dr. T. Asokan, Engineering Design Dept., Indian Institute of Technology Madras. It covers heuristic, mathematical, physical system and numerical modeling, dimensional analysis, and two types of simulation: time- and frequency-domain analysis. 

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-- Indian Institute of Technology Madras

You are a simulation

Nobel prizewinner and astrophysicist George Smoot presents "You're a simulation and physics can prove it," which is a 20-minute video on the implications of the universe's cosmic microwave background radiation and its structure. It's one of the famous Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) Talks, though TED x Salford means it's an independently organized TED event.

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-- TEDx Talks

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