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Get the Most from Your Week with MyExchange

Oct. 7, 2014
You Can Use the App to Navigate the Exhibit Displays and Find the Products You Are Most Interested In Seeing and Learning About

MyExchange, an online tool for planning, prioritizing and managing your week. MyExchange can be used in two different ways: through a web-based interface (most suitable to a PC) and as a web app downloadable to your phone or tablet. Use either one—or both in combination—to set up your Exchange schedule and dynamically manage it throughout the week. In particular, because of limited seating, MyExchange must be used to reserve space Educational Services Courses (choose up to two).

Download the Emerson Exchange Mobile App: If you have a QR code reader on your smartphone or tablet, simply scan this code to download the Emerson Exchange mobile app (or point your browser to http://EmersonExchange.org/mobile). This interactive app will help you dynamically manage your schedule this week and even help introduce you to industry peers.

A link to the web-based interface is available at the EmersonExchange.org home page. Log in with the same user ID and password you used to register for the conference (or with the email associated with your registration), then browse the Session Catalog by topic, day or presentation type. Flag the sessions of interest then add them one by one to your schedule. Or, ask the application to automatically populate your customized schedule with sessions of specific interest. You can even add personal commitments, so that all of the week's activities are captured in one place. For offline use, you can print out or download your schedule in a format ready for import into most calendaring applications.

Dynamic access to your customized schedule is available through the Emerson Exchange mobile app, available for download at http://EmersonExchange.org/mobile, or use the QR code accompanying this article. For easiest reference through Exchange week, save an icon link to your device's home screen. The mobile app has several advantages, including dynamic updates and email notifications. This means there's no need to check in with the web-based application to process those inevitable scheduling changes. A news portal embedded in the app also will alert you to which sessions have been moved, canceled or changed.

You can use the app to navigate the exhibit displays and find the products you are most interested in seeing and learning about. And you can even search for other Exchange attendees by industry, company or track. Once you have found someone you'd like to meet, the app enables you to request a meeting directly with them.

MyExchange allows you to plan your Exchange experience from your PC, then access and manage it dynamically from your smartphone or tablet.

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