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Feb. 18, 2014
This Month, Our Editors Search the Web for the Latest Online Resources on System Programming. Here Is What They Found

Every month, Control’s editors select a technology or topic, collect all the latest, most significant tools we can find, and present them here to make your job easier. If you know of any tools and resources we didn’t include, send them to [email protected] with "Resource" in the subject, and we’ll add them to the website.

LEARN SIMATIC PCS 7This tutorial shows you how the Siemens Simatic PCS 7 software applications work together during engineering and during simulated process operation. Users learn basic procedures through a simple example project. Subjects covered include PCS 7 basics, creating a project, setting up the automation system and operator station, configuring function block diagrams, the sequential control system, the process picture and units, assigning signals, compiling and downloading objects and operating a project in the simulator. It shows users how to create the hardware components, set up the required communication connections, use the Advanced Process Library (APL), interconnect the digital signatures for the process objects with each other and simulate the configured process operation in the OS runtime. For more information, go to

The "Industrial Automation Pocket Book" is a 172-page PDF introduction to industrial automation. Topics covered range from I&C drawings to advanced process control, data communications and wireless, hazardous operations and safety instrumentation, SCADA systems and valves.  The direct link is at Additional free PDFs are available at the website shown below on the following subjects: instrumentation, Data Communications, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Formulae and Conversions.
IDC Technologies

Emerson Process Systems offers an entire battery of courses, both in the classroom and online, on various aspects of its DeltaV system. Subjects include Advanced Control, Communication with DeltaV, DeltaV Hardware and Troubleshooting, and much more. The direct link to the course pages is at Go to the DeltaV Course Wizard ( for aid in selecting the appropriate courses to meet your particular needs.
Emerson Process Management

The seven-page PDF, "Industrial Automation Tutorial" from National Instruments describes the fundamentals of serial interfaces and the simpler software protocols commonly used with industrial devices. It also discusses some of the many industrial networking protocols in use and under development. It covers serial interface standards, networking software protocols and some fieldbus standards. The direct link is at
National Instruments

The PlantPAx Process Automation System Reference Manual is a 96-page PDF full of recommendations for using the PlantPAx system. It covers recommendations regarding architecture, applications, alarms, infrastructure, field device integration, batch management and maintenance.  The direct link is at The manual is free.
Rockwell Automation

This is a one-stop shop for information about PLCs and PACs. The site includes  links to the history of PLCs, I/O wiring, I/O interaction, number systems, memory structure, bit instruction, times and counters. It also includes links to outside sources and practice projects. The direct link is at
PLC tutor

This site contains a collection of more than a dozen short videos on multiple process control and automation topics, including "Debugging Your RS-485 Network," "Process Control Systems—From  Field Transmitter to Actuator," "Isolated Industrial Voltage Level Data Acquisition," and "Demo Circuit for a 4-20-mA HART-Enabled Field Instrument." The direct link is at
Analog Devices

This site lists the top 20 Internet sites for PLC/PAC training and information, ranked by user popularity. The sites include links to courses, programming helps, tricks and tips, simulators, books and other PLC and PAC resources. Many are free. No registration required. The direct link is at

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