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How a HART Device Is Tested

Oct. 5, 2012
HART or WirelessHART Device, the Testing Procedure Is the Same

Regardless of whether the device is a HART or WirelessHARTTM device, the testing process is the same. Here's an example of the testing procedure for a WirelessHARTTM device:

1. Manufacturer tests the device

2. Manufacturer submits test data for completeness review prior to submission

3. Manufacturer sends complete test data, device and setup information to the Foundation

4. The Foundation performs 100% verifi cation of device comparing the manufacturer’s data to verifi cation test data from the test at HCF.

5. The last test to be performed is a stress test that sends 2 million messages to the device. The device can miss no more than 20 messages out of 2,000,000, a failure rate of not more than 0.001%.

6. Once the device is verifi ed, a certifi cate is issued, the website is updated and the device can carry the "HART Registered" mark.

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