The Early Reviews Are In

June 7, 2010
Emerson Revolutionize How the Process Industries Do I/O

Since it was first introduced at the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange, much has been written about I/O on Demand and its potential to revolutionize how the process industries do I/O—especially in the context of project work. Following are excerpts of the articles and reviews that have rolled out over the past several months. See direct links to the full stories excerpted below.

"Emerson charms user group with introduction of DeltaV S-series"

"Cabinets, wire, terminations, cable tray design, fusing, installation drawings and a host of other activities are gone! Single-channel CHARMS and controller independence allow the first real updates to 35-year-old engineering practices." Highlights of the 2009 Emerson Global Users Exchange as reported by Walt Boyes and the rest of the editors of Control.
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Emerson's Duncan Schleiss holds a single-channel Characterization Module, or CHARM, at the company's October 2009 launch of I/O on Demand and its new DeltaV S-series.

Emerson's Duncan Schleiss Holds a Single-Channel Characterization Module, or CHARM, at the Company's October 2009 Launch of I/O on Demand and Its New DeltaV S-Series

"Eliminates much of the cost associated with installing conventional I/O"

"I/O on Demand fits well with Emerson's overall theme of making advanced technologies easily accessible and easier to use for a wide range of industries," writes Larry O'Brien, analyst with the ARC Advisory Group. "ARC believes that I/O on Demand and the concept of electronic marshalling can offer cost savings in new projects, but also offers a good solution for control system migration projects. Significantly, it avoids a simple functional replacement of conventional I/O, which can be very difficult to justify in today's world of constrained capital and tight operating budgets. I/O on Demand effectively eliminates much of the cost associated with installing conventional I/O."
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Emerson's New DeltaV S-Series I/O Revolution

"DeltaV S-series is no ivory-tower rethink"

"By putting usability and productivity at the heart of product design, Emerson meets two vital needs of today's global environment: skills shortages in emerging markets and an aging experienced workforce in the developed world," writes Jim Pinto, automation industry observer. "DeltaV S-Series is no ivory-tower re-think. Emerson insiders tell me that they worked the design every step of the way with a large petrochemical customer.  Bravo, Emerson team, for yet another engineering and market coup!"
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"Emerson overturns 35 years of industry thinking on I/O"

"Selectively previewed at last year's Emerson Exchange in Washington, [electronic marshalling] essentially eliminates the need for a physical path from signal source to controller," writes Andrew Bond of the Industrial Automation Insider. "Instead, new single-channel CHARacterization ModuleS or CHARMS relay I/O information via the Ethernet backbone to any controller and provide single-channel integrity and flexibility down to the channel level. Not only does this approach drastically reduce engineering time, but it also ensures that changes to the original design can be readily accommodated without rewiring."
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