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Syncade Upgrades Featured at Emerson Exchange

Sept. 27, 2010
More Functionality for ISA 95, Level 3 Operations: Content Management, Integrated Recipes, and Simplified Workflow

Syncade Smart Operation Management Suite is a group of software modules for resource management, operations optimization, integrated information and quality and compliance requirements—all designed to improve operations performance. It has a big footprint, addressing issues around ISA 95 Level 3 operations, and upgrades to several of its modules are on display this week at Emerson Exchange 2010 in San Antonio, according to Bob Lenich director of the Syncade product platform.

"Anyone with responsibilities in manufacturing and production operations who is looking to improve performance in areas beyond the control system—operations superintendents or managers—will want to visit the Syncade booth on the show floor and get some Syncade sessions in their schedule," Lenich says.

As an integral part of Emerson’s PlantWeb architecture, Syncade capabilities continue to be enhanced, including the following new capabilities being demonstrated on the Emerson Exchange exhibit floor:

  • Expanded content management with a more flexible review and approval process, as well as providing native content development, resulting in improved productivity and quicker review and release times;
  • Improved integrated recipe authoring capability between DeltaV and Syncade, resulting in easier, more flexible engineering; and
  • Simplified procedure authoring and workflow to enable quick, intuitive work procedure development for streamlined work processes.
Emerson's Syncade Suite is designed to extend the value of the company's PlantWeb digital plant architecture by integrating real-time intelligent plant-floor data with procedural, off-line and transactional plant business processes, decisions and asset management.

Syncade modules address very specific process industry requirements. For example, says Lenich, "Electronic procedure functionality can address needs in many process industries. One example is 'Proof Testing' required for safety loops to maintain a specific SIL.  Syncade ensures that the correct verification steps are taken by qualified staff at designed intervals and automatically documents the actions and required approvals. This solution will be discussed at an Emerson Exchange session [see listing below] as well as demoed on the Exhibit floor."

Syncade's Movement Logistics Manager is another new module on display this week. "Managing material custody transfer and inventory management can be daunting," says Lenich. "The new Syncade Movement Logistics Manager addresses these issues. It manages the transfer of materials to and from marine vessels, railcars, trucks, plant operations and tank farms."

It will be released in 2011 and will be demonstrated this week on the Exhibit floor.

Nine Emerson Exchange sessions will outline various parts of the Syncade suite. They include:

  • RM-588  Syncade Roadmap
  • Syncade Management of Change
  • Syncade Electronic Workflow
  • Managing the Transition from paper to electronic records in an operating facility
  • Designing re-usable objects for Syncade Recipes
  • Syncade Integration Architecture
  • Simple and Flexible workflow to replace paper logs
  • Syncade Suite overview/short course
  • Using Syncade workflow and AMS device manager for SIF proof testing
  • Managing electronic logs and equipment status with Syncade ET

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