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July 15, 2010
Sit, Relax, Read and Find Out What You've Missed.
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

Don't you hate it when your Tivo or DVR stops working, and your favorite TV shows don't get recorded? You go on vacation or work late, and come back to find your favorite episodes have vanished.
Sometimes this happens with websites too. You get caught up with the nice weather outside, the cook-outs, exercising, walking your pet. Time passes and you miss good stuff on your favorite sites, such as

Well, don't worry. I'm here to catch you up.

First, if a new job is on your mind, stop by Control Connections ( This month we launched our very own jobs newsletter. Sign up to receive it, and you'll get monthly listings of the latest industry career opportunities. Check our first jobs newsletter at

Also, has opened a sustainability portal, where you can read white papers and articles, listen to podcasts, and watch online videos. These resources can help you define and understand sustainability for the process industries. Go to

White Papers

An Integrated Approach to Safety
Looking for a solution to deter, prevent, detect and mitigate potential threats? This white paper can help.

The Logic of Single–Loop Logic Solvers
Learn about safety standards and industrial equipment that is approved and designed for use in safety instrumented systems.

And, did you know that Andrew Bond, author of the Industrial Automation Insider, has his own page on our site? His monthly newsletter covers industry automation news and issues as seen from the U.K., and you can read his reports at

Webcasts are another good way to keep up. You can see our entire webcast library on our site. Watch "Connect to Any PLC using NI LabVIEW," and learn how to create tags in OPC servers and use OPC client connectivity to communicate between NI LabVIEW and PLCs. This webcast is available at

Special to the Web

OPC Portfolio: Everything to Fit Your Needs
What exactly differentiates the various technologies, and how do they all fit together to meet end-user needs?

I/O at Your Fingertips
Read all about I/O technology online.

Catch Up on HUG
Honeywell Users Group 2010.

Or, watch our webcast, "Consider the True Cost of Automation," and learn how to put process automation costs in the context of a system's full lifecycle, matching system capabilities against application performance, engineering and maintenance requirements. Watch this webcast at

These are some of the latest resources we have available on our site. Stop any time and catch up with all the information you' have missed so far. Read our SoundOff! Blog ( and find what's on our editors' minds, or follow us on Twitter ( and get real-time process automation news updates.