News Coverage: ABB Automation and Power World 2010

May 18, 2010 Has All Details for the 2010 ABB Automation & Power World. Conect. Learn. Succeed. Don't Miss Our Live Coverage

Headlinesfrom May 20, 2010

Arkema Upgrades Polymer Production with 800xA and Profibus

Transition from Harmony to 800xA Continues History of Smooth Migrations on ABB Systems.

Remote Connectivity Enables Value-Added Services

Location and Time Barriers Can Be Eliminated, Creating More Profitable Solutions.

Vale Inco Envisions the Mine of the Future

ABB Helps Achieve New Levels of Sustainability, Efficiency for Totten Mine Reopening.

Advanced Process Control Makes Good Business Sense

Add a Litte APC to Improve Production, Increase Efficiency and Reduce Carbon Footprint.

The Ins and Outs of Industrial Flow Measurement

ABB Talks on Principles and Practice of Flow Measurement.

Wind and Solar Each Have Drive Needs of Their Own

ABB Offers Solutions That Are Tailored to the Growing Renewable Energy Market.

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Headlines from May 19, 2010

Integrated Automation and Power to the Rescue

ABB Introduces Its Automation and Power Technologies' Groundbreaking Solutions and Strategies at Automation and Power World 2010.

Align Plant-Level KPIs with Business Objectives

People Will Do What You Measure and Reward Them to Do.

A Peek under the Hood of the New System 800xA

ABB Shows New Features Available for the System 800xA.

Smart Grid on Verge of Impacting Industry

Most Noted for Its Home/Residential Applications, the Smart Grid Is Poised for Industrial Use.

Smart Grid on Verge of Impacting Industry

Most Noted for Its Home/Residential Applications, Smart Grid Is Poised for Industrial Use.

Usability, Technical Innovation Drive ABB's Instrumentation Offering

ABB Shows at Automation and Power World 2010 the New and the Forthcoming Instrumentation Line-Up.

ABB's Leaders Tackle Big Questions

ABB Executives Chat with Automation and Power World 2010 Attendees.

Shale Gas Bonanza Needs Friends and Commitment

Shales' Natural Gas Extraction Could Become a Contributor to the U.S. Energy Landscape, but What Issues Are Putting a Halt to This?

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Headlines from May 18, 2010 

ABB a Key Player as Global Economy Recovers

Technology Will Play a Major Role in the Ascendancy of the Developing World.

Commitment to Efficiency = Sustainability and Salvation

ABB Talks About the Recent Acquisition of Ventyx, a Provider of Energy and Utility Software.

"One ABB" Is Working

ABB Talks about the Company's Successful Development of Engineering Centers in India and China.

The Power of Integration

ABB Describes 25 Projects in the Works That Include the Seamless Integration of Process Automation and Power Automation Systems.

Decisions Evolve with DC Drive Technology

ABB Explaines the Subtleties of AC and DC Drive Upgrades and Replacements.

The Future of Collaborative Production Management

ABB's New Way to Manage Manufacturing Assets Combines the Input of Suppliers, Universities and End-Users.

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