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May 11, 2009
Online Libraries Offer You the Same, If Not More, as Traditional Libraries
This article was printed in CONTROL's May 2009 edition.
By Katherine Bonfante, Managing Editor, Digital Media

I remember when going to the library at college was an ordeal. There were too many libraries at school—engineering, undergrad, graduate, English, history, horticulture and women’s studies—and not all of them were close to one another. You could search their databases online, but you still had to go to the library to check books out. With all the technology out there, why was that?

Online libraries are such a convenience. True, they might not give you that “old-book” smell and feel, but to make up for that lack, they give you the convenience of accessing books and other materials from the comfort of your own chair. has a few libraries of its own that are available to you every day, 24/7 and at no cost.

The Flowmeter Technology Library helps you find anything and everything you need to know about flowmeter technologies used in process control and automation applications without having to endlessly surf the web. It contains intelligence reports, white papers, articles and technical book abstracts. Visit

Check out the Control Valve Technology Library too. This cyber library contains online intelligence reports, white papers, articles and technical book abstracts on all things related to control valves. Visit to learn more.

You can also surf our Online Guides. We have set up channels gathering outside resources on wireless technology, batch manufacturing, distillation control and optimization technology, fieldbus and integration among others. Stop by to check these and other online guides.

In addition, don’t miss our multimedia library, the Process Automation Media Network. Here you’ll find numerous podcasts and video interviews with industry experts. You will have access to our market intelligence video reports, the back to the basics video series, and Control and ARC’s monthly podcasts, futurecasts and over 100 of our video reports on industry subjects. Visit and watch our  informative videos.

Now, for your next trip to the library, you don’t need to grab for your car keys. Driving is not needed when you visit our online libraries. Just turn on your computer, have your mouse ready and surf away. 

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