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Endress+Hauser and CodeWrights Offer EDDL/FDT Integration

March 7, 2008
Instrumentation Vendor Endress+Hauser and Software Provider CodeWrights Have Commercialized an Integration Bridge Between the Electronic Device Description Language (EDDL) and Field Device Tool (FDT) Integration Technologies.

Called iDTM, the solution interprets the device description (DD) or electronic device description (EDD) of a field device so that it can be integrated with Endress+Hauser’s plant asset management system, FieldCare, an FDT-based frame application. However, the solution isn’t designed exclusively for Endress+Hauser, and can be licensed and used for every FDT frame application.

iDTM interprets HART DDs and EDDs, thereby enabling the integration of HART devices without dedicated device type managers (DTMs) into FieldCare. As part of the plant asset management system, iDTM also allows the operation of less complex devices that are only described with DD or EDD. In this context, the FDT-based infrastructure is used for open, vertical communication from the control room to the field device.

The solution combines the familiar DTM user interface with the basic device functionality described in the DD/EDD. The user interface of iDTM was developed in compliance with the DTM Style Guide, and has the same look and feel as other dedicated DTMs. iDTM offers the complete device functionality as implemented by the manufacturer in the registered DD/EDD.

The software is based on the original standard HART interpreter SDC625 from the HART Communication Foundation (HCF), which is also used for HART DD/EDD certification. iDTM supports HART devices registered with the HCF, and can integrate the entire HCF DD library with the certified HART DDs and EDDs.

Billed by Endress+Hauser as “FDI lite,” iDTM is a bridge application in advance of the release of the field device integration (FDI) solution currently under development by the EDDL Cooperation Team (ECT) and the FDT Group, following an agreement reached last year to create a standardized solution for device integration that is compatible with both technologies.

Endress+Hauser released iDTM in  February 2008 as part of FieldCare Standard and FieldCare Professional. FieldCare Lite and FieldCare Device Setup versions can be upgraded easily.

CodeWrights will offer this solution to other system providers and users during 2008.

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