Symbol Library Utility from MTL

Aug. 30, 2007
The cost of designing a single control loop can be in excess of one man-day, so using tools like SmartPlant can dramatically reduce these costs.

SmartPlant is among the most successful examples of new generation design tools created to reduce the cost of designing control systems. Now, MTL/Relcom does for designing fieldbus segments what SmartPlant does natively for analog control loops.

 It’s easier to design Foundation fieldbus segments into your plant using the new utility developed by MTL Inc. and ENGglobal Automation to import the complete range of MTL/Relcom Foundation fieldbus products into SmartPlant Instrumentation version 7.

MTL/Relcom products include power supplies, megablocks, surge protectors and Entity conversion blocks.

You can download the utility from in the downloads section. Registration for updates is optional. Once downloaded, simply unzip and run the file. The library will run inside your existing SmartPlant database.

Once imported, each device or apparatus contains not only information about itself, but also the proper orientation information for Enhanced Smart Loop drawings and reports, so that when it is time to generate the necessary segment drawing for construction in the field, the Enhanced Smart Loop has all the information needed.

For information, contact MTL at /800-835-7075.