ABB Adds New Capabilities to Company's Enterprise Software Portfolio

July 9, 2014
New Intuitive User Interface, Cloud-Based Solutions and a Partnership with InStep Software Bring Improvements to ABB’s Enterprise Software Portfolio

ABB showcased new developments in its enterprise software portfolio at a recent customer conference (Ventyx World Americas, 2014) in Orlando, Florida.

Advances include a new user-centered interface (UX) for key applications in its energy and mining portfolios and the availability of asset-management solutions as a cloud-based offering to customers. A new partnership between InStep Software and Ventyx to bring predictive monitoring capability to the Company’s Asset Performance Management solution was also announced.

The intuitive interface of the new UX enables operators to focus on their core responsibilities, rather than worrying about how to operate the tool. By combining operational technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT), Ventyx software converts large volumes of data, generated by increasingly intelligent infrastructure, into actionable information that can be easily accessed via the UX. By presenting this information to operators via customized graphical interfaces, the UX enables users — from field crews and control center operators to company executives — make better-informed decisions and run their operations more effectively.

Ventyx’s cloud-based software solutions maximize flexibility and help users optimize capital expenditure in mining (link to appropriate announcement) and utilitiy (link to other announcement) applications. By offering Software as a Service (SaaS) through the highly versatile medium of the cloud, Ventyx can offer its asset management solutions at reduces hardware costs to the customer and key mining solutions as a “pay-as-you-go” service. In addition to the inherent cost reductions delivered by the software’s functionality, this purchasing model eliminates up-front capital investments in enterprise software. It is particularly suitable for small- to medium-sized organizations, though it can be scaled easily to accommodate the needs of large enterprises.

Ventyx’s new partnership with InStep Software, a leading provider of predictive monitoring software, will combine InStep’s PRiSM software for predictive monitoring with Ventyx’s Asset Performance Management solutions, delivering a comprehensive platform for reducing unplanned stoppages, optimizing maintenance costs and increasing equipment availability. For more information on this partnership, read the Ventyx World announcement.