Why Use LabVIEW for Instrument Control? Here Are 10 Reasons

April 23, 2013
Work Faster with a Graphical Approach

LabVIEW provides complete coverage of the acquisition, analysis, reporting, and display features you need to create modern applications that can scale as your system requirements change over time.

Here are 10 reasons why you should use LabVIEW for instrument controls:

  1. Work Faster with a Graphical Approach
  2. Quickly Automate Any Instrument Using Free Instrument Drivers
  3. Put your Multicore Processor to Work
  4. Combine Acquisition and Analysis with Advanced Analytical Functions
  5. Save Data to Disk or Create Custom Reports
  6. Create Professional User Interfaces
  7. Distribute Stand-Alone Applications
  8. Get Started Immediately with Open-and-Run Examples
  9. Do More with a Flexible, Scalable Software Platform
  10. Collaborate and Develop with a Worldwide Community of Engineers

Learn more about these 10 reasons in detail by visiting National Instruments. Watch the video below.