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Softing FFusb Interface Accesses FOUNDATION H1 Networks via USB Port

April 23, 2013
Interface Well Suited to Benchtop Pre-configuration Tasks

The Softing FFusb interface provides direct access to FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks via a USB interface. The small form factor makes it easy to temporarily attach it to the fieldbus on the shop floor and interact with individual field devices. The FFusb Interface is ideally suited for a "benchtop" setup to perform tasks like pre-configuration and firmware updates of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 devices.

Traditionally, the configuration and parameterization of field devices is performed by a central control system. The Softing FFusb approach offers a mobile solution for Microsoft Windows-based laptops and tabletop computers to perform parameterization and immediate diagnostics directly in the field. This significantly reduces the time needed to commission and troubleshoot a network during the commissioning phase or in a running plant.

The FFusb interface module includes a documented API to enable the tight integration with a configuration tool or a control system. Additionally, Softing offers a high performance fieldbus communications DTM (FF commDTM). The FF commDTM supports all standard FDT container applications like fdtCONTAINER, FieldCare, PACTware, and other FDT frame applications.

For more information, please visit the Softing website.