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Phoenix Contact Module Measures Diagnostic Data in the Field

April 16, 2013
Field Diagnostic Module Keeps Tabs on Network Health

When running industrial processes, maximizing system uptime is critical. As automation becomes more advanced and devices more intelligent, monitoring the health of operations has now become an industry standard. When fieldbus physical layer parameters are on the edge of tolerance, often the disturbance is originating in the field. Why not analyze the bus precisely in the environment that is affecting it the most?

The Field Diagnostic Module (FDM) from Phoenix Contact mounts in the junction box and was designed using the company's innovative modular concept. The FDM measures all of the standard FOUNDATION fieldbus diagnostic data.

When the fieldbus parameters are measured in the environment that is potentially causing the unhealthy segment, quicker preventative action will be achieved. This could be the difference between maximizing performance and reliability or jeopardizing the integrity of the process.

The FDM enables the user to measure diagnostic data in the field, where it matters most. Long cable runs and associated signal degradation will not affect accurate electrical measurements. The FDM utilizes the time tested H1 communication, unlike other methods, this data is transmitted back to the control room in real-time where an operator can manage the alarms without maintenance permits or process interruption.

For more information, please visit the Phoenix Contact website.