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Opto 22 Wins First Place Award for New Innovations at ISA ExpoControl 2012

Aug. 30, 2012
ISA judges recognize first zero-configuration Android app for automation and control systems.
At ISA ExpoControl 2012 in Mexico City, industrial automation manufacturer Opto 22 won first place award in the category of New Innovations with its Android application for monitoring and managing the company's SNAP PAC System.

Opto aPAC provides real-time control system access and information to authorized automation professionals equipped with wireless, Android-based smart phones or tablets. Control engineers, maintenance personnel, instrumentation technicians, and panel builders can use Opto aPAC to discover SNAP PAC controllers and I/O systems and then view, debug, and fine-tune them, saving time and money during commissioning and ongoing maintenance.

Opto aPAC is the first Android-based mobile app for automation and control that requires no initial configuration. Unlike mobile HMI apps where it's necessary to first build an operator interface for the mobile device, Opto aPAC retrieves all information as soon as it is connected to a SNAP PAC control system. Opto 22 wireless controllers and I/O are not required.